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    jp's Killzone: Mercenary (VITA)

    [June 21, 2017 01:16:27 PM]
    Finished this yesterday. The ending is basically working with the Helghast to prevent ISA from getting their hands on a terrible bio weapon. In a nutshell, both sides want to use it (to "end the problem once and for all")... so, you go ahead. Weirdly, the character you play is silent on the whole issue and it isn't until a rogue mercenary bursts into your comms to tell you that mercs need the war to go much money in it for everyone, that the bio weapon is destroyed (well, half. It's a serum and a boy who had something injected. Thankfully you don't kill the boy). It all feels kind of dirty, actually. Your character is essentially a bad person who doesn't care and has surprisingly little agency. Ugh.

    I guess you get a feeling from this from the "interrogation". Each mission has a certain amount of "intel" to find. Sometimes you get it from terminals you can connect to, other times you have to sneak up on an officer and then, via screen swipes, slap them around, beat them up, threaten them with a knife and, once they've coughed up the intel, you kill them by snapping their necks. It's quite brutal and...uncomfortable. But in a not so good way, because there's no sense that it's been designed that way for any purpose other than... showing some on-screen violence? There's no real reflection for the player and the rest of the game's context doesn't really support your actions or behavior.

    I guess I'm glad I played it?
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    [June 20, 2017 01:44:51 PM]
    Huh. It's taken me a bit to get used to the rhythm of combat in this game (as well as my perceived slowness for aiming - I mostly fire from the hip now and aim via strafing)...but it's been a surprisingly compelling experience so far. I'm a little confused as to where in the timeline the game is - I think it's supposed to run parallel to Killzone 3? (which I did play, so maybe I'm just going to whatever is/was familiar). I haven't played the latest console one (4?) so maybe I'm wrong.

    In terms of the storyline, it's surprising how much trust and responsibility the ISA is putting on a mercenary to carry out super-critical missions...but I guess it wouldn't be clever to have you "guarding a remote outpost" or doing random non-central missions in backwater places. In any case, the ISA have just betrayed me (left me to die) and I've been picked up by the Helghan! So, who knows how the rest of the game will go on...

    In terms of gameplay, it's interesting that the mercenary-side is "enforced". You get paid for kills and little objectives, as well as from picking up ammo drops. You have to buy all your equipment from these mercenary chests (that are surprisingly common and available for warzone). You even have to buy your ammo re-supply (unless you can scavenge enough, I've had to buy re-ups a few times).
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    [May 16, 2017 07:35:32 PM]
    I've only played 30 minutes or so and wow...

    a. This game looks amazing. I'm really surprised by how good it looks. Still surprised.

    b. It seems a bit slow at times? Maybe I'm just too accustomed to the fast and snappy action in Destiny?

    c. Mixing on-screen actions (swipe this way, swipe that way) with an intense action shooter has always felt a bit unfair/hard for me. This game is no exception.

    d. So far, the game feels like a Call of Duty game, but with Helghast and their cool/iconic helmets. I'm not feeling the Killzone vibe yet, but we'll see how it evolves. Otherwise, here's another example of CoD design ideas influencing other games (e.g. Follow an NPC teammate around, he tells you where to go and what to do)

    e. You play a mercenary, so it's all about the money. Literally. You get credits for kills, picking up ammo, etc. You have to buy ammo if you run out, and you have to buy new/better(?) weapons. It's not clear to me why you can't pick up enemy weapons...and it seems weird that you buy/upgrade your stuff from crates that are lying around INSIDE the building you're infiltrating? Where they there before? Do the Helghast use them? Confused...
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    jp's Killzone: Mercenary (VITA)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 15 May, 2017

    GameLog closed on: Thursday 22 June, 2017

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