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    jp's Stick it to the Man (PS4)

    [June 20, 2017 09:09:58 AM]
    Wow, what a pleasant surprise. I bought this game blind while I was in the UK. I think it was cheap. Actually, I'm pretty sure it was cheap because otherwise I wouldn't have bought it blind. :-)

    It's super short (4 hours?) but tight, and enjoyable.

    In a nutshell it's an old-school-style adventure game where you pick up objects/things and deliver them to where they need to go (that's the core nature of the puzzles). The conceit however is that you can read other people's minds (because there's an alien) and, because the world is sort of a 2D-cardboard cut-out (think Little Big Planet), the objects you can pick up are stickers! And you can place them (in pre-determined locations) to solve puzzles. It works REALLY well. It also helps that the devs clearly did their homework with the UI and it is, for the most part, really easy to figure out where you can go (there's a great map with key people/things marked out) and try things out. It's not really a game about solving puzzles, but rather about interacting with the characters, learning about them, and the crazy world they're in. There's some platforming, but again, it's not really the point - even though there are sections where you need to avoid guards that can be pretty annoying.

    One of the coolest things (I wish more games used/did): when you read characters minds, you hear their thoughts through the speaker in the PS4 controller! You have to do this a lot, and it really sets the tone - hearing them think is louder and closer to the player, kind of like hearing the thoughts in your head?

    I'm surprised by how little attention the game got? At least I don't think it got all that much attention. It's genuinely funny, the art style is wonderfully realized, and the gameplay is also resonant with the aesthetic and all the rest. I'm really glad I played this little gem.
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    jp's Stick it to the Man (PS4)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 18 June, 2017

    GameLog closed on: Tuesday 20 June, 2017

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