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    jp's Trillion: God of Destruction (VITA)

    [September 25, 2019 01:47:32 PM]
    I played this a fair amount over the past few weeks and it's been an interesting experience. Mostly I struggled with trying to figure out what the game was about and how I should play it. It presents itself as a very grindy kind of game. You have to defeat a big bad monster that has 1 trillion hit points and the game cycles between you fighting it and spending time on different activities that will improve your character in different ways. It's a clearly presented cycle and it ends with your first character unable to kill it (not even close), and then you choose a 2nd character and on it goes (presumably). I decided to drop after the first character died mostly because, well, it seemed like a real grind.

    The battles take place on an isometric grid with telegraphed enemy attacks and such. You have to move around to avoid taking damage and also position yourself such that you can inflict damage on the opponents. In all, this part was "fine" - but what had me scratching my head the most was realizing that there was a TON of reading to do, with choices and little arcs and narrative stuff happening. It was the weakest part of the game BUT I enjoyed seeing how these things played into the stats/gear/powers part of the game. So, you might go out to have dinner with the overlord, and if you choose correctly from the menu you might get bonus points to spend on stuff and so on.

    Perhaps most jarring was the start contrast between the characters you can choose from (all major demon lords of the underworld) who are all cute buxom anime style girls and the rest of the characters who are either cartoonish monsters or "regular" (not sexified) male anime-style characters. There was also a lot of sexual innuendo between the female characters the (male) overloard that was weird - because it's implied he's family to all the girls (their uncle). So, there's sexual innuendo, but incest...but they're all demons of the underworld so does it really matter? I don't know. It felt weird and strange to play...

    ..and, apparently, this "optimize your daily actions for points you then spend on skills and nonsense" is a genre? I need to look into this because this game felt completely new/fresh to me in that sense. Perhaps I've missed out on something larger than I thought?
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    jp's Trillion: God of Destruction (VITA)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Got Bored

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 1 August, 2017

    GameLog closed on: Wednesday 25 September, 2019

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