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    Sparce's Prison Architect (PS4)

    [August 29, 2017 09:42:15 PM]
    Part 3 of my prison building adventure and I think Iím getting the hang of it. Today I played part 4 of the tutorial which starts off with a psychologist taking a look around the prison and hating what he is seeing. There is nothing good for the prisoners to do or learn they just sit there and rot. He walks into a cell and sees a man curled up in the corner without his shirt on and he goes to help him. We learn that this man named Henry Morgan was an associate of the riot leader from the 3rd part. After trying to cheer up Henry the doctor takes the role of tutorial person and helps me to build a better prison with most of my projects being designed to better the prison. I enjoyed this part more than the last part because it made me feel good to try and make a difference for these people. I then saw a cut scene that made me feel angry. First the chief is rude to Henryís wife when she is trying to see him and gets mad at her for wasting his time. She then is turned away after she gets past the chief because Henry had been drinking alcohol because of the horrid conditions. After this cut scene I wanted to fire the chief but was not allowed to do so. I then improve the prison some more giving the inmates a better visiting system when I get a phone call saying a prisoner committed suicide and the doctor was going to go check it out. I then got really angry because I thought Henry killed himself and the doctor thought so too because he ran to Henryís room and it was empty. I then saw that Henry was all right and became relieved.
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    [August 28, 2017 10:04:08 PM]
    Part 2 of my journey to build the best prison. Or you know totally fail. Probably the second one. So today I did the third story in story tutorials. (I did the second one last time but didnít write about it.) and in this stage you have to stop a riot. The prisonerís have 5 hostages one of which is the CEO who has been teaching you how the game works up till that point. At the beginning it gives you 3 squadrons of riot guards (15 guards) and you have to use them to take back the prison one area at a time. When my guards went in the beat some people to an unconscious state and others till they submitted never killing anyone. But by the end of the first block 2 of my guards had died and several regular prison guards had died beforehand. I then saw a cut scene where the riot leader threatens to kill the hostages if I try to take his area. I start to take the area around his and I start losing more guards at this point I can see at least 10 bodies of my staff and decide itís time to use the people with guns that it gave me. I send these people in and they end up killing 7 people. I felt really bad about this so for the last place I sent in the riot troopers being extra careful not to let any of them die. I then see a cut scene with the CEO being interrogated about some files he burnt. This is the reason for the riot. He reveals his information not at the risk of the other hostages as he lets one die and one potentially die since the riot leader was doing this Russian roulette style and even puts the gun to his own head and pulls the trigger. After he learns that the files contained information that would expose the mayor for getting prisonerís longer sentences he gets mad then troops start breaking in so he shoots the ceo right as him and his men are gunned down by a swat team. This part made me feel bad for the prisoners because they were treated unfairly here but at the same time I felt like I was justified in using lethal force because they were killing the guards.
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    [August 24, 2017 08:47:22 PM]
    Today I started playing the story tutorial of Prison Architect. My first job immediately brings up a moral dilemma because I am tasked to add a building with the purpose of executing a prisoner. The prisoner had planned to kill 2 people his wife and the man she was cheating on him with. At first I was only given the information that he had planned to then carried out killing 2 people. As I played through I was told things by the CEO like ďThe courts have decided itís our job to carry it outĒ and other things of that nature. Then when the prisoner is going to death row you learn that after the murders he went to a church then turned himself in and a quote from the priest protesting the death was ďIf we were 100 miles north he would only have life in prison. These kinds of things made me feel bad for what I did while the CEO would just say itís your job donít think about it. After this level I felt bad for the man since based on his actions he felt guilty for what he did and at least deserved life in prison not death.
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    Sparce's Prison Architect (PS4)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Something better came along

    GameLog started on: Thursday 24 August, 2017

    GameLog closed on: Wednesday 20 September, 2017

    Sparce's opinion and rating for this game

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