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    Nick Fuller's Dishonored 2 (XBONE)

    [August 30, 2017 01:06:09 PM]
    1 hour play session:

    - part of Emily hopes that her enemies find her, so she can hurt/kill them (she seems to struggle with violent revenge)

    - The player can choke out a civilian and throw them in a garbage can with no penalty

    - Game is tough, so I had to turn it down to easy from medium difficulty.

    - Finally made it to the end of level 2

    - The game introduces a woman who turns out to be the "Crown Killer" She's been turned into a monster by a serum. As Emily, you can chose to create a counter-serum and save her, or kill her. I tried to save her with the serum, but bloodflies from the doorway killed her while she was unconscious due to where I gave her the serum.
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    [August 27, 2017 03:48:34 PM]
    45 min play session

    -Made it to The Dreadful Wale (the ship) whose captain has agreed to help Emily

    -The level then ends giving an analysis of lethality and stealth with special boxes for Merciful (Didn’t kill anyone) and Ghostly (Never Detected) both of which are marked with a red x meaning I failed both. I killed 0 Civilians and 22 hostiles.

    -Emily wakes up in a “dream-like-state” aboard the ship. She is met by a strange man covered in dark mist that says he knows Corvo from the bad old days and that Emily must make a choice on what she’s willing to become. He/the game asks whether to receive the Outsider’s Mark or Reject the offer and play in “No Powers” Mode. The consequences of this choice are not known at this time. I choose the Mark.

    -Now Emily has the ability to use a tentacle-like ability to pull herself a distance, up on to ledges and the like.

    -She comes to a heart that allows her to find bone charms.

    -The mysterious man says that Delilah has her sights on an even greater prize, before pulling Emily out of the dreamscape.

    -Megan Foster (captain of the ship) wants the crown killer dead.

    -Emily must find Addermire Institute to find the Crown Killer

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    [August 25, 2017 06:48:25 PM]
    1 hour play session (8/25/17):

    -While playing the tutorial, Corvo says to his daughter (Emily) "Each person taken out non-lethally is one that gets to go home to their family."

    - It's the 15th anniversary of Emily's mothers's death. Emily is now the ruler and sits on the throne. Corvo is the protector of the throne. Rulers/cities from across the empire are coming to celebrate. The "Crown Killer" has been killing enemies of Emily and Corvo and dressing the scene up as if they are the killers. Emily doesn't know whether to "run away or kill them all".

    - Jesemine's sister, Delilah, claims she is the true heir to the throne of Dunwall/Empire of the Isles,

    - I chose to play as Emily Caldwin, corvo is turned to stone by Delilah and Emily is locked in her chambers to await trial.

    - The game has presented a choice: Kill Mortimer Ramsay(who helped betray Emily) or knock him out, to get back Emily's ring that leads to the hidden royal chamber.

    - Emily (I) killed Mortimer and took the ring back and escaped through the chamber to the streets of Dunwall. She plans to escape the city by meeting a boat captain by the docks.

    Ethical interests of the game so far:

    -Emily (Corvo's daughter and ruler of the empire) is betrayed by her aunt, who claims the throne for herself.

    - Corvo dismisses killing others for the most part (unless it must be done).

    - Emily (and I) has killed Mortimer, who betrayed her.

    - Emily wonders what her assistant may have told her, to just go along with it and marry one of the lower rulers, perhaps.
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    Nick Fuller's Dishonored 2 (XBONE)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Something better came along

    GameLog started on: Friday 25 August, 2017

    GameLog closed on: Monday 25 September, 2017

    Nick Fuller's opinion and rating for this game

    No comment, yet.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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