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    West's Oxenfree (iPd)

    [August 29, 2017 09:49:49 PM]
    Finished the whole game again and achieved the goals I set for myself, my gaming skills are sure got a lot better than last several years. I'm not sure if I missed it last time, but this game has gone a lot deeper than I thought, I will play the New Game+ or what they called "continue your time line" to see what will it leads me to.
    I also did some research for Oxenfree, surprisingly I found there is a way to revive Micheal. It suppose to be a good thing to bring someone I love back to life, but there are so many problems remain unsolved, whether looking into the problem with physics, time paradox or ethics, revive a dead character back to life is a serious matter by all means, quantum physics would show some tolerance, but this is not the case. This is a story that takes place in modern time with a touch of real life blended with supernatural phenomenons, I don't think there are enough excuses to revive a character because the game developer thinks it is "OK" to do so, this is, at some point, a realistic game. The game developers and all the other story writers are granted such powers to kill and revive their characters, I would demand a reason and explanations before reviving a character. So far, I had only seen Dark Souls series provided a reasonable explanation about why players could come back to life every time they die, another game called "Oneshot" had done it well with it own ways. Many story writers are careless when approach to these matters, again, the most recent game I've played: Blackwell series as an example (SPOILER ALERT), at the very end of this series, Joey was brought back to life by the "sacrifice" of Rosa, it is nice to see Joey start walking again with flesh and bones, but the whole revive is lack of explanation and doesn't seem to be a good thing to me.
    In short, I want to know: Is revive a dead character ethical? If I want to do so, what should I concerned and what explanations should I provide, how do I provide them.
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    [August 28, 2017 12:02:33 PM]
    Recently, the genre of Mystery and Murder had aroused my interests, along with post-apocalypse which always fancies me. Compare the most recent two games I've played: Blackwell series and Dead Synchronicity with Oxenfree, I found an interesting phenomenon which played more gentle in Oxenfree.
    How people would act differently when they involve in a dire situation, by the time they were forced out of their "Comfort Zone", or even worse when their life depends on it. Why a dreadful circumstance would change their moral codes and drop their "Bottom lines"? What kind of situation would make them tears off their masks and reveals their true-selves?
    Also, it makes consider if Games are better ways to understand these situations, is the players could comprehend more than readers or observers because of the involvement and interactive of the games? Will it help the make a person think and go through the same experience as one, rather than let the person judge them on a supreme position that solely examines the result and ignore the process? I'm curious how much the people who spoke for the moral would change after they have gone through the same thing.
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    [August 27, 2017 03:03:51 PM]
    I've been looking for a chance to replay Oxenfree for a long time, this might be a great opportunity for me to do so. Oxenfree is one of very few of games that I can't spit any bad word for them, by the time I replaying this game, every second I spent in it just reminds me how I love this game. I set two goals for myself: 1. try to make everyone happy this time and hopefully we can get a nice picture at the end. 2. Solve the crazy hangman puzzle.
    So far, I played until the cave scenario, my reading speed got a lot quicker than the last time I was playing this game, but sometimes it is still not enough time to make a proper choice I really expect for before the options fade away. I couldn't resist and teased Ren a bit by the beach, tried to be as nice as possible to Clarissa. I hope I can achieve my goals this time.
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    West's Oxenfree (iPd)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 27 August, 2017

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