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    KyleCampbell's Dishonored 2 (XBONE)

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    KyleCampbell's Dishonored 2 (XBONE)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 31 August, 2017

    KyleCampbell's opinion and rating for this game

    Today I played a portion with more long drawn out narratives. It is starting to get confusing, so now that I have completed my logs, I might go back and play the first game to understand everything. Today in a cutscene a character asked the main character, Corvo, if he knew what happened to man that is pushed to far (talking about corvo). He then went on to ask similar questions that The Joker asks in the movie "The Dark Knight". He asks these questions almost as a way to prokoke him, and to antagonize. But this idea got me thinking alot about the theme I keep pondering thought this game, when is doing wrong right? It seems that this game walks the line in answering this question, but ultimately justifies it by giving you the notion, that you must do whatever is necessary to fight off evil, even if you kill the innocent. Like random guards doing their job, believing they are fighting for the right side. But ultimately who is to say they are in the right with royalty. It's crazy how much power can persuade people to act like monsters. Right now in the game I have tried to make all the passive decision in order to see if the game rewards the player for acting "righteously". Overall I am really enjoying the game, but I will probably come back to it after I play the first game, so that I can better understand what is actually taking place.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstar

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