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    Sparce's Oxenfree (PS4)

    [September 27, 2017 10:21:52 PM]
    So todayís the day I finish this game. I have a flashback with Michael and in it I donít really get any information. Then when I go down to the bunker area I learn that Ren and Nora have decided to go on a date. I then take a picture with the group and then Ren and Nora disappear I decide I have to end this so me and Jonas go into the bunker and there I lose Jonas to a tape player because earlier a mirror me said to let him speak to his mother. I head into cave and face off against the ghosts in one last radio dialing fight. The ghosts get desperate and try to convince me to stop that Iíll be trapped with them but I donít care and I close the ghost portal. I then have one last flashback with Michael and I tell him to go out and see the world like he wantís to do. I am then taken back into the present and on the boat it seems everything is back to normal but Ren repeats himself from when I was blacked out but then the game ends. In the final credit bits Iím treated with choosing what Alex does with her life when bam ghosts take over and itís started all over again. I decide to do a quick run through doing most of the stuff the same but better. In this play through the ghosts break the fourth wall a bit and I get information about parallel worlds like the mirror Alexís I am able to send messages to other Alexes and I think to other players. At one point I sit in a chair like I did in the first play through and pretend to have something happen only this time ghosts possess me. I take Jonas instead of Nora at the tower scene and I end the game the same way to the first only I made it so all 4 of my friends were happy when in the first play though Jonas was not happy. I then am shown an alternate world where my message of Alex donít go into the cave gets through and Ren Alex and Jonas decide to skip the party preventing the ghost break out. And thatís my experience of Oxenfree I would have gone and gotten all the letters and anomalies but I didnít have the time to in the second play through.
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    [September 25, 2017 07:47:17 PM]
    So today I did the next part of my play through and ended up having to do the tower scene again because I thought it had saved when it didnít. This time I decided to take Nora with me so that the boys could work out their problems with each other. When we get to town we find Clarissa only she is possessed and as I try to free her the ghosts flip out and take Clarissa away. We find some radios and when we go back I get sent back in time to the day Michael died and while there I try to make friends with past Clarissa because I want to try to help her. I end up back in the present and we go to the old ladyís house and find Clarissa who the ghosts are still possessing and they have me play a game of find the objects. I find the first 2 but then I second guess myself on where the 3rd one is and so I fail. They do some weird stuff and then everyone is back except Clarissa. We decide to go and save her so me and Jonas go off into the woods to open a bomb shelter so we can get into the cave. As we do I get another time loop and it looks like Ren died but from what I gather the ghosts need our bodies so I know it is a trick. I stop the loop and we send the signal to open the bunker. As I head back I get interrogated by a ghost and then I get a strange thought. What if I the player am a ghost controlling Alex. it would make sense because with a dialogue option earlier in the game you can tell Clarissa that she canít judge because she wasnít there at Michaelís death even though in the flashback she was there on that day. Also it would make more sense with the ghost in the reflection who seems to be giving me advice for future points in the game depending on what button I press. I start to head back to the bomb shelter when I end my play through for today so this is all I got.
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    [September 20, 2017 09:35:14 PM]
    Today I started a brand new game Oxenfree. In this game you play as a blue haired girl named Alex and you and your friend Ren and new step brother Jonas are on a boat to an island getting ready to have a party. You learn that you are not supposed to be on the island and then you hop a fence to get to the party. We then go to a cave where using a hand radio cause weird lights to appear then I follow Jonas into a cave where we end up trapped and cause some weird ghost alien triangle thing to appear. When this happened my audio just gave feedback and I wasn't able to tell what was going on. I then get a call from Ren and ignore the other person trying to call me since I thought it would be bad If I switched lines. Then on my way to Ren I get trapped in a time loop where I get some weird information about my dead brother. I break out of the time loop and go on to see Nora one of the girls at the party. After convincing her to go to the radio tower I leave to go find Ren where I get stuck in another time loop and after breaking out of that one have to get evil spirits out of Ren with the radio. Ren then goes to the radio tower while me and Jonas go to find the last person Clarissa. We head over to the army base and fight through another time loop and also a quiz from the ghosts where in the middle of it I have to free Jonas from spirits. When we finally get to Clarissa and she jumps out a window while possessed. I ran down but she was not there any more. I head back to the tower and have to decide who to take with me to go find a key. I want to take Nora but I canít leave Jonas and Ren together or else they will tear each other apart so I decide to take Ren because I need dependable people at the tower in case something happens and Ren just ate a pot brownie. This is the end of todayís play through.
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    Sparce's Oxenfree (PS4)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 20 September, 2017

    GameLog closed on: Friday 3 November, 2017

    Sparce's opinion and rating for this game

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