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    u1154142's The Talos Principle (PC)

    [September 28, 2017 10:45:40 AM]
    What do you know?
    I know I exist.
    Why do I think you're a person?
    I don't think I can make you believe that.

    That was the latest conversation I had with the terminal. More and more this game is making me recall the concept I was forced to grapple with during our last game log: why do I believe what I believe. A concept I'm likely going to keep referencing as long add I choose to live an examined life.

    One thing I believe is that I'm not up to the task of making a ONE page argument admit what it means to be alive, or sentient, or a person. Less than a week remains for me to find a topic. The search continues.
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    [September 27, 2017 10:03:02 AM]
    I've made some progress along the first temple, now in level 6. I continue to enjoy finding the stars. It almost feels like the other levels are merely tutorials to teach you the tools to find the stars.

    The second time capsule gave me some interesting tid-bits to think about. The one talking about iteration through play. That, combined with the athena entry about the purpose of the riddles, makes me wonder what RLD's purpose is. I wonder if the game isn't supposed to be a metaphor for machine learning.

    I failed my first attempt at getting admin privileges. My answers conflicted on two counts, though I failed to note which those were.

    One ethical dilemma has been proposed by the game: that of citizenship of AI. It ties into the question of "what is a person?" I'm still unsure what to write about. Hopefully, like Elohim, I'll be able to banish this darkness of doubt.
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    [September 25, 2017 11:32:43 AM]
    I'm about an hour and a half into the game. The puzzles are still relatively simple. I spent most of my time exploring and figuring out where the first three stars where. I'm glad the game tells me when I've collected everything in a level or I would go crazy searching every nook and cranny before finally checking the internet to make sure I had.

    My favorite parts of the game so far have been the terminals and the QR codes. It gives me a hint as to what's actually going on. Are the QR codes left by previous AI's? If so, where are they? Is the game one big Turing test? Honestly, I have no idea yet. I hope I can unravel the mystery as I go.
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    u1154142's The Talos Principle (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 25 September, 2017

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