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    Nick Fuller's Oxenfree (iPd)

    [September 28, 2017 10:48:23 AM]
    35 Min play session:

    I chose to have Nona come with Alex to find a key to Maggie Adler's boat. Alex has a flashback to a year ago when Micheal was alive.

    I find the game super interesting so far, even though I feel like choices have to be made too quickly and the consequences are not always known from the time of choosing. I'll have to put in even more time or research, because seeing the end may help my analysis.
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    [September 26, 2017 07:41:24 PM]
    -Jonas and Alex get stuck in an area and "Radio people" talk to them.
    -Jonas believes they're dealing with ghosts.
    -We found Nona and I tried to get her to come with us, but it seems that there's no option but for her to go back to the tower to wait for us, even though I told her where Clarissa is. (UGH!)
    - Jonas said he hopes she goes to the tower instead of to look for Clarissa, so maybe my choices are making some differences.
    - Now Jonas is asking me why I let him flip the power switch back at the bridge, validating my choice.
    - Just saved Ren from "possesion"
    - The radio people mention Maggie Aldner, the old lady.
    - Now off to save Clarissa
    - Nona carved a message where Clarissa was supposed to be that shes on the beach
    - Found Clarissa at Ft Millner. She jumped out a window, but her body was gone and now were looking for her.

    I'm not sure about the choices in this game, if they even do anything at all or if things happen that are supposed to happen. The Nona writing on the wall was caused by my actions sure, but it still remains to be seen how things play out based on my actions. I might have to do extra research if I don't find out in my play sessions. Also dialog choices seem hard to make, especially when its not clear when Alex is going to be a jerk based on your choice.
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    [September 25, 2017 05:02:44 PM]
    100 min play session.

    - Player character is Alex, who has a new step brother Jonas
    - Alex, Jonas and friend Ren are on a boat going somewhere.
    - Edwards island bash
    - Jonas smokes and offers one to Alex. I didn't respond fast enough so Ren answered "She doesn't smoke either."
    - Game is all about dialog choices so far.
    - Jonas is moving where the others live.
    - The kids are on the Island to hang out and party
    - I'm assuming when a bubble pops up above a certain character with the face of another character, it means that character is liking the other character more.
    - Nona and Clarissa join and are not very nice.
    - So the kids start playing "truth or slap". You have to tell the truth when somebody asks, if someone else comes forward to prove that the person just lied, they get to slap that person.
    - I chose to tell that Ren likes Nona, even though he was trying to deny it, and slapped him in the face (the game gave me an achievement).
    - The game gives you "good" or "bad" choices at almost every step. The player can be a jerk or kind or neutral most of the time.
    - Ren has brownies with drugs in them but won't give any to Alex :(
    - Weird lights come from a cave when tuning the radio. Jonas thinks they should go investigate. I choose to agree and follow him in, but hes missing.
    Alex finds an ashtray and pen by a pool of water deeper into the cave.
    - "See a man about a dog" in graffiti on the cave wall.
    - Found Jonas, can choose to tell him" lets go back" or to go deeper. I choose go deeper.
    - Just found some weird triangles in the cave that react to the radio. they formed a bigger triangle that asked if it was safe to leave or something, then teleported Alex and Jonas somewhere.
    - Found a radio tower, Richard Harden's radio tower.
    - Phone rings up the radio tower. Its Ren. He was teleported as well, to the woods (found a service phone on the side of the road).
    - Clarissa calls as well and has been teleported to the mines?
    - Chose to go get Ren first.

    Oxenfree seems to be a game all about choices. It remains to be seen how those choices will affect the game, but many of the choices seem to be quite major. The player constantly has the choice to be rude or nice or even act out in potentially dangerous situations. The game has to lead you down a certain path though. I can't see how certain actions would change what happens in a major way without drastically changing the game or ending early. This remains to be seen as I continue to play. Hopefully I'll be able to complete the game and even experiment with alternate choices
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    Nick Fuller's Oxenfree (iPd)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 25 September, 2017

    GameLog closed on: Saturday 4 November, 2017

    Nick Fuller's opinion and rating for this game

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