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    CoDer's dishonored 2 (PS4)

    [October 3, 2017 09:05:48 PM]
    ********Look in my WatchDogs2 game log and you will see this for the 28th I posed to the wrong one...***********************

    Today I was on the good doctor mission. I had to go to the hospital and try to find the killer. When trying to get in the first couple of times I struggled not getting caught. While I was trying so many times I realized how much blood and gore is in your face when you kill someone. Its almost like you are right there and it splatters all over everything. Very intresting choice by the game designers to make the game this way when killing someone. I Wonder if they intentionally did that to make you feel more in the game and to feel what its like when it actually happens. Finally once I figured out some pathways to go I was finally able to make it. I made it up to the Doctors office and found the keys to get into the next door set. When I got there and opened the door there were a whole bunch of the blood bugs that I had to race to get through. Once I made it through I had to talk to the Doctor who sounded like she was loosing her mind while she was talking. I then had to find and kill the killer. I was walking around and trying to find clues, when I though maybe its just the doctor who is the killer... So I tried to kill the doc and all of the sudden there was just rage from the doctor, and I discovered she was the crazy killer. I had to try three times to accomplish this task.Once I killed her I had to get out and disable the watchtower, and then get to the boat where the captain of the dreadful wale picked me up. I then woke up back on the ship, and it was almost the same scene as the first time I was on the ship, which I thought was kinda weird, and was posed with another question if I was ready to go or not. I responded yes.
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    [September 27, 2017 06:36:11 PM]
    Today when I played I woke up on what I believed was the whale ship, but I was ln space. Upon being in space I learned more about the characters family and how they came to be. I was offered the option to become part of the outsiders. I really think that it is interesting that you get to choose your options. I then received powers, the mark of the outsiders, and learned how to use the powers. I then woke back up on the ship, and learned about what is happening. I then went onto land to try and get past the electric walls. I enjoyed that there are options for what you can do to get past certain obsticles. I ran into a black market, and then a lady that gave me a mission. I had to sneak around the city in order to find the body and then sneak out. I did a good job not killing anyone. Although the first time I tried to take the body I was caught and ran into a room where I was supposed to meet the lady, and she died. On the screen I then saw that it said a key character died. I ended up dying too and had to go back and redo the mission I wonder how decisions are affected in the longterm.
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    [September 26, 2017 11:27:51 PM]
    I began thee game and quickly became used to the controls, I like the emphasis on stealth in the beginning when training how to use the controls. I really enjoy the fact that it is kinda like a drama movie, something that you can really get into and be involved in. When The sister of the mother came in and took over, I found it interesting because at first I thought that it was only a medieval game, but then all of the sudden robots, and magic(?) the father being turned into stone. I then had to retrieve the key ring in order to open the door once I escaped the room. I also like the fact that there are decisions that you make ie character, and where to go. Once I got into the city it was strange trying to figure out how to get out I feel like I was forced to kill at least some people upon success. Once I reached the captain another question was asked on if I was ready to go or not, I really enjoy that the user has so many decisions. Once I completed this, the game showed me a scale of lethality, stealth, assault, and non lethal. I dont know if I am supposed to be one way or the other but I am going to error on the side of more stealth from now on.
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    CoDer's dishonored 2 (PS4)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 26 September, 2017

    CoDer's opinion and rating for this game

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