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    u0892608's Oxenfree (PC)

    [September 29, 2017 02:40:56 PM]
    Last playthrough explains a lot more than previous ventures into the game. The decisions I assumed to be the correct ones to go with really did give me the least feedback on my decisions. In the end you can have some of your friends die and save yourself in the process.

    I don't feel any real precedence to this game but thats just me.
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    [September 28, 2017 12:22:06 AM]
    I am having trouble trying to find the moral quandary with this game. I have just finished the game in under 3 hours and none of the questions or concerns seemed to have shown themselves to me.

    I checked the optional endings for the game and I seemed to have pulled off the everyone lives ending. I think the decisions are meant to affect who stays with you or not. But these motivations were so simple to make. It never for one second gave me the feeling "Am I making the right decision?".

    So taking my next gameplay into mind, I am probably going to play it through as the worst person.
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    [September 26, 2017 10:42:41 PM]
    I couldn't tell if my submission went through or not. Well, I will give the cliff notes on it then.

    Oxenfree seems like a classic indie title with a couple of kids exploring an island to get drunk. The twist that I can see people would flock to, is that the island isn't really deserted. though my time was short I am expecting that at some point my decisions will have an effect on my friends in some way. As for right now it seems to be just build up for the reveal.
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    u0892608's Oxenfree (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 26 September, 2017

    u0892608's opinion and rating for this game

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