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    Phosk's The Last Guardian (PS4)

    [September 28, 2017 11:26:18 PM]
    Played Thursday, September 28th

    I've been trying to find why this game was one of the options for this class. Meaning I've been looking for a moral or ethical question this game explores or asks, and I can't find it. Perhaps how the player treats this seemingly real animal is indicative of the moral question the game is meant to raise. Is the game supposed to frustrate you until you mistreat Trico, and then shame you? Cause this game is definitely frustrating. The similar and exhaustive level design is becoming grating, and though the world has a grand, dark souls-like vibe, I don't know if this game actually breaks any ground besides the realness of Trico. If this game was to pose any kind of moral question, I think it would be how you as the player treat Trico, and how your attitude changes, if it changes at all. Trico can betray you, and how does that effect your gameplay? After playing this game for more than a few hours now, I'm starting to feel I have some sort of answer to that vague question.
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    [September 28, 2017 11:16:45 PM]
    Played Wednesday, September 27th

    So Trico enjoys eating these barrels filled with a glowing goop? Like some sort of Trico snack. Trico loves these barrels, so I didn't give him the barrels because he's being a dick. I then realized that was insane. The Last Guardian does such a good job of tricking the player into believing Trico is an actual animal.
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    [September 28, 2017 03:44:12 PM]
    Played Thursday, September 21st.

    The Last Guardian's most notable aspect is of course Trico. After playing the introduction, it is obvious the main appeal of the game is the realistic and believable behavior of the strange creature. Even though the game is centered around a fantasy animal, the stubborn attitude of Trico lends the beast a certain amount of realism that I find somewhat uncomfortable. This is the intended effect for Trico to have on the player, but it is unsettling nonetheless. Trico's sporadic behavior doesn't feel random, but rather bound by the chaos that living things adhere to.
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    Phosk's The Last Guardian (PS4)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 21 September, 2017

    Phosk's opinion and rating for this game

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