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    jp's Spaceplan (PS4)

    [November 6, 2017 07:12:33 PM]
    So I did the reset and AFAIK, there's nothing new/different. Not complaining, just noting...
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    [November 4, 2017 12:02:57 PM]

    I'm so impressed by this little clicker game. I recently played the Paperclips one (don't think I've gamelogged it) that impressed me because it had interesting gameplay options that opened up as you played and there was an evolving narrative. But this game, which I presume predates Paperclips, ALSO has that and, AFAIK it even ends (there is a restart option but I haven't tried it yet - who knows maybe the story continues?). It actually ends with a glorious cut-scene that felt super Kubrick 2001 in visual style and grandeur (helped by music that reminded me a lot of Jarre).

    The premise is silly - but I enjoyed the brevity of length and the fact that I wanted to read the little text messages you get as you make progress in the game.
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    jp's Spaceplan (PS4)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 1 November, 2017

    GameLog closed on: Monday 6 November, 2017

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