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    KingBadfish's Dishonored 2 (XBONE)

    [November 9, 2017 09:23:59 PM]
    I continued to play another couple of hours of Dishonored 2 today. I spend a lot of time in the game trying to find everything. Every bone charm, every rune, every bloodfly infested building. I guess Iím sort of a completionist in that way. I also appreciate the challenge of finding all the secrets. Itís interesting, I am hesitant to kill people in the game, but I donít hesitate for a second to steal any and everything I come across. Itís time consuming looking for everything, but finding the runes has helped me level up my powers faster. As Iím trying my best not to kill anyone, Emilyís Shadow Walk and Far Reach abilities have been invaluable. The Far Reach ability allows me to sneak behind enemies, and it helps me get into hard to reach areas to reach runes and bone charms.

    I completed the Clockwork mansion area during my time playing today. It was extremely difficult getting through this area without killing anybody. I justified myself in destroying the Clockwork Soldiers because they werenít human, but there were also human enemies that I either had to incapacitate or try to avoid altogether. The sleep darts have been an awesome tool to have. There were a bunch of secret areas and stuff to find in the level, some of which helped me to sneak through and avoid interacting with enemies. When I got to the boss, Kirin Jindosh, I was given another option to either kill or take a non-lethal approach, just like the Crown Killer/Dr. Hypatia. Knocking Jindosh out was easy, then I had to ďkillĒ two of the Clockwork Soldiers, significantly less easy. Then, rather than killing Jindosh, I put him in an Electroshock Chair to take away his genius and prevent him from making any more of his evil inventions. Though Iím not even halfway through the game at this point, there have been some good ethical lessons learned. I look forward to finishing this game.

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    [November 8, 2017 05:42:46 PM]
    I played another hour of Dishonored 2 yesterday. I played through the mission in which the goal is to eliminate the Crown Killer. The game does a great job of putting the player into a moral dilemma with this decision. Do I kill the Crown Killer, effectively also eliminating Dr. Hypatia? Or do I take the extra steps to develop the antiserum and inject the Crown Killer, eliminating the murderer yet keeping Dr. Hypatia alive? Because Iím trying to play the good route in the game (as much as possible) I decided to save Dr. Hypatia. While there were several extra steps to take, I felt that the sacrifice in time and effort would be worth it in the end.

    Dishonored 2 is significantly more difficult when you try to be stealthy and do your best to avoid killing anyone. I appreciate that because it gives me a sense of accomplishment every time I sneak through an area or knock someone out instead of killing them. The crossbow with Emily has been an invaluable tool, because it allows me to use the sleep darts and knock out enemies from a distance. I just have to be careful not to use the regular bolts. I feel like Iím still very early in my progress of the game, which means it will likely get much more difficult. Iím still going to try and play as ďgoodĒ as I can.
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    [November 7, 2017 01:35:47 PM]
    I started playing Dishonored 2 yesterday, and spent about 2 hours in the game. In the first Dishonored I played through the game without any thought to killing every enemy I came across. Going into Dishonored 2, I had the intention of playing through the game without killing. I decided to play as Emily, as her powers and abilities seemed more tailored to a stealthy approach. I played through just past the prologue of the game, and for the first 40 minutes or so, I managed to play without killing anybody. I took a non-lethal approach, knocking everyone out that I couldnít sneak around. Unfortunately, this was short lived. I came to a point in the road where I couldnít figure out how to sneak past the guards. I tried multiple times, but I was seen every time. Unfortunately, at this point, I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to use my sword. I made the decision to only kill if I absolutely must, but to use stealth and non-lethal takedowns whenever possible. My own ethical compromise so to speak. Towards the end of my play session, I came across a shop and found a way to sneak in the back, knock out the shopkeeper and steal everything. Sort of a selfish move on my part, but it netted me some cool gear, money, and even an achievement. It will be interesting to see how long I can keep up with the minimal killing. It certainly makes the game more difficult, and as such makes it more fun.
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    KingBadfish's Dishonored 2 (XBONE)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 6 November, 2017

    KingBadfish's opinion and rating for this game

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