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    r_winzenried's Firewatch (PC)

    [January 15, 2018 04:23:59 PM]
    Today I started Firewatch, and played about an hour of it. I am pretty new to gaming, so I don't have much else to compare it to, but I do have several observations for this first exposure to the game. First, I noticed that I didn't get to choose my character. I understand that the story is based off of this main character, but I wonder how typical it is for games to have the main character be a white, straight, male, and give you no other choice. Besides that, I was surprised by the seriousness of the content, as far as Julia's sickness goes. The story so far has a lot of depth and emotion to it, though as far as my character goes, he doesn't seem to show it. Something else I noticed is the maturity of the content as well. In addition to the dementia story line, the language is colorful and the whole bit with finding the drunk teenage girls skinny dipping was surprising to me. Overall, I am very curious to see where the story goes, and how the choices I make throughout the game influence it.
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    r_winzenried's Firewatch (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 15 January, 2018

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