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    Radiata's Prison Architect (PC)

    [January 18, 2018 02:58:15 AM]
    I would've liked to have spent more time on my final play session, but between being tired and having a busy schedule yesterday/today I couldn't make that happen. I will leave more time for it next time, I didn't realize the first game logs were due this week.

    Maybe it was because I was so tired and ready to just be done for the day, but I couldn't even get through chapter 4. This tutorial level just seemed to drag on. I am looking forward to jumping into the sandbox mode in the next few days, but it does not have any particularly obvious ways to compare it to class in its play. The only things I can relate it to are story content.
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    [January 17, 2018 09:35:53 PM]
    My second look at prison architect was finishing a couple more of the tutorial based chapters and seeing the intro to the next one. It shows you some of the more dire situations that can occur when attempting to manage a prison within the game. It also covers some real world topics that can be cause for concern, and starts to touch on ones that could be cause for alarm in reality. I would say they definitely range into sensitive subjects, although I don't think they are really meant to be statements, but more a just a good way to give more substance to the tutorial and make it more interactive and maintaining its touch on reality, which is important in a sim game based on something we have a frame of reference for. Subject material could get hamfisted in and used in less than tasteful ways, but the game handles it well in the context of itself. Which would at least keep them from unjustly alienating people who had an interest in playing the game based on that.
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    [January 16, 2018 05:34:25 PM]
    I am technically not playing this game for the first time, but its been over a year since I first and last played it, and that was only for a very short amount of time (roughly 40 minutes according to steam). So, I am essentially seeing the game through fresh eyes.

    In class we had a discussion on where ethics intersect games, and some of the topics brought up included forcing the player to do an unethical act or choose between a couple things which they do not agree with or want to do in order to proceed. While this game has something that some people would not agree with in just the opening tutorial, and that is having to build an execution chamber and execute an inmate, rather than keeping them imprisoned for life. I agree that there are over the top cases in the same vein in some games, but I believe that not all content is made for everyone. In the case of this game I believe it is well within the bounds of what should be expected when purchasing this game, because it is your responsibility to be an informed consumer, and this game appears to be fairly straight forward in its self representation on steam.

    The first chapter was pretty tutorial heavy, so I didn't particularly get to see the meat of the game, hopefully it will pick up quicker in the next couple of chapters, but my assumption is that the whole campaign section is just an extended tutorial for the sand box mode.
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    Radiata's Prison Architect (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 16 January, 2018

    Radiata's opinion and rating for this game

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