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    AdityaVG's Prison Architect (PC)

    [January 18, 2018 03:22:56 AM]
    For OPA #1, 3rd session, I thought that I would spice up the playing field in my game and add some mods. I thought the modding of the game might detract from the base game, so I kept it limited to only a few mods that I thought would be beneficial to my prison. The mod that I added put more guns in the game for the security officers to use, and I thought that it would be a good idea since I added more supermax prisoners to my prison, I would want them to be guarded and watched by shotguns at all the time. At this point in the game, I actually didnít have a hard time making a moral decision as big as the one in the previous game log that I submitted. I thought that giving the guards more firepower and free reign to take out prisoners at will if they were behaving badly made sense. To me, I thought that the decision would make sense as I asked for a shakedown and then a riot ensued and some prisoners ended up getting shot and had to be taken to the infirmary. Even though I only got a few hours into this game, I would love to play more and see how much you could actually do when you sink more than 10+ hours into this game. The only problem that I think could be the issue is the idea of how boring it could get. After playing a few hours, I realized that it was monotonous because you would just build new buildings and get more prisoners and after a while that can get boring without nothing else going on.
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    [January 17, 2018 03:25:23 AM]
    My GameLog #2 for Prison Architect starts off very simple. I started up my world again hoping that I would be able to advance in my world and start building up more infrastructure so that I can have more prisoners (max security and supermax (death row) inmates) come to my prison. I started playing and then I got a call from the Warden who was above me. I did not know that I was the real warden, it came as a surprise when I got the call and I had to follow his orders or I would be fired. What he asked, morally challenged me. He asked me to create a death row/execution center so that I can accept prisoners who were on death row and were ready to put to death. At first, I was very conflicted because I wasnít sure if this is something that I wanted to do. After internally debating with myself for a few minutes, I realized that it was something that had a time table and that I only had a few in game days to complete the ask or I would get axed. Eventually I built the death row center for the death row inmates and I got a few death row people in my prison. After a few days, the inmates got executed, and my daily log was telling me that I had more death row inmates coming in soon. Even though I had a moral dilemma with the opportunity, I loved the money that the death row inmates brought in, it really helped when advancing forward with my prison and the new buildings and cells that I wanted to build.
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    [January 16, 2018 05:39:11 PM]
    For the first OPA #1, I played Prison Architect. As one of my first times playing the game, the experience was very different from the usual games I play. I come from the esports scene where I play multiplayer games competitively, so moving to a game where I play alone and have to pay attention at every moment during the game as to see nothing bad happen. The first time playing the game was very cool, I got to start building my own prison. I started off by using my money and grants to build a small prison that could hold only a few prisoners just to start gaining money while building more infrastructure. My initial thoughts were that the graphics were a little lacking for a game that has been out for a few years. I thought that maybe the graphics would be nicer but it didnít matter because it made up for the graphics in the gameplay that it provided. I thought that the gameplay was fun to mess around with as I got to run my prison and basically at will decide what prisoners get to do everyday and how I want to allow them to live. In terms of ethics, I think that the question proposed to you when playing this game, is what do you want your prisonersí lives to be like. As the overall ďcontrolĒ of the game, you get to decide whether or not they eat multiple times a day, if they are allowed to go outside and even if they are allowed to leave their cells at all. As a beginner, I was faced with a lot of challenges thinking about this as I didnít know if I wanted to be the type of warden that was hard-assed and not let anything happen, or to be the warden that allowed the prisoners to essentially be free even though they are serving time for crimes that they have committed.
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    AdityaVG's Prison Architect (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 16 January, 2018

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