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    Sego001!'s Yakuza 0 (PS4)

    [February 15, 2018 01:46:41 AM]
    I face desk this cite. /////once again it seems as though my post has evaproated into the ether//// So take two ...again.

    So today I got through the rest of chapter one, (I didn't end up going back yesterday night and playing more) and lightly touched chapter 2. Mostly I did a lot of exploring now that I had been released from tutorial hell. Let me just say. Man. Man does this game have a weird blend of some terribly heavy things and humor mixed. As well as some really morally compromised plots and side stories. There was an incident that made my skin crawl with some minors being bullied into sex work that was really awful and interesting to see how I handled it as a character. I wish my other post had saved because I talked about it quite a lot. I think it really played into also the "protector" complex that some adolescents in gangs seems to be so susceptible to. A real reflection of nature vs. nurture as well in as far as how individuals seem to deal with conflict. To the group in this game violence is both a show of comadery and love as well as a display of authority and protection. I didn't really progress in actual plot of the game more wanted to analyze the mechanics a little further since this console and style of game was really foreign to me. I don't think it was the most easily accessible for beginning players but I think game accessibility is a whole separate issue that I will perhaps reserve for next OPA
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    [February 14, 2018 03:06:59 AM]
    Todays log was a challenge it was 1 am and I was tired but I wanted to space my play out enough to get an accurate feel and reflect in between sessions so I sucked it up....and still am meh but eh is improving. I am almost finished with Chapter one. might return to it after I make myself some dinner and just finish it.

    anyways, game play. So I maintain there are still an exuberant amount of cut scenes in this game but they are getting better and more complex, there is also starting to be a really interesting dichotomy between humor and some really brutal violence. Like I was finally semi released to play the character sans tutorial mode and there was this karaoke (le cringe) mini game that you can play that is pretty humorous but it immediately flips to a pretty intense cut scene that lets you know a dude you mugged died and that you my friend are royally screwed. You gotta go talk to the boss and the boss for sure is gonna be pissed. Kiryu is steadily developing to be a really complex character and they are setting up pretty nicely the family bonds type setting that is a main reason gangs trap so many young people. Hopefully for tomorrow in chapter two Ill have some more autonomy to really feel out the game but feel better about it than last session.
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    [February 13, 2018 12:13:52 AM]

    Alright, well. This is round two since this program auto logged me out and deleted the last one. (enthused applause)

    Overall, thus far Ive got some mixed feels about this game. I think the Yakuza clan is pretty sensationalized in here but also its game play so accuracy blah blah. I think it is a super complicated ethical issue with how game play depicts gangs and gang members which is part of the reason I chose this game. The other reason is that I really have a soft spot for Japanese culture (im a Japanese minor). And lastly this game got amazing reviews. It was definitely a struggle today getting into game play. I had to tap after 45 minutes because its was over half just cut clips with minimal player control and what controls you did have were all tutorial based making the first half of the first chapter really exhaustive for a consumer. I do think they are doing an adequate job thus far of making sure that the protag is a highly emotionally and ethically (with a dash of angst lmao) character which will be important when I am thinking about ties to real life gang violence. Over all though I really felt less enjoyment than I was hoping for and more of the kid who has a mom yelling *jazz hands* from the sidelines hoping id get excited about it.
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    Sego001!'s Yakuza 0 (PS4)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 12 February, 2018

    Sego001!'s opinion and rating for this game

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