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    angelarvizucruz's Firewatch (PS4)

    [February 15, 2018 10:44:56 AM]
    As the game progresses, the subtlety's of the moral issues presented in the game are pretty nice and varied. From how to deal with shitty campers and how to interact with Delilah, irís cool to see how every choice can impact how the characters interact. However, this is also where moral dilemas come in.

    Should you be a dick? Should you be kind? Flirty? Defensive? All of these options are presented to you and itís up to you to pick. It does leave you with a sick feeling, though. When asked if Henry has left anyone behind in Colorado, you have the option to lie abour Julia, claiming that you didnít have anyone. Sure, sheís on the other side of the world, but the game likes to emphasize the ring you still wear on your finger. Every time you interact with supply caches and the story elements they have inside, you get a perfect view of your wedding ring. A constant reminder of Julia.

    The game also makes it clear that Delilah is supposed to be your possible ďnewĒ Julia, presented with her claiming she is drawing you, something Julia did all the time. It presents an even bigger question: what do you do when the love of your life is no longer the person you fell for? Due to Juliaís early-onset dementia, her personality is the complete opposite of what Henry fell in love with. Does this mean he has the go to leave her and pursue a new love, perhaps in the form of Delilah? Julia is safe in Australia with her family, and sadly, will get to the point where she wonít remembee Henry. Since Henry took the vow to be with her until death do them part, should he stick with her until the end? Or break it off now to avoid further heartache of watching her forget their life together? Itís a difficult situation with no clear answer. Iím becoming more empathetic towards Henry.
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    [February 14, 2018 04:16:01 PM]
    As I continue on with the game, I keep falling deeper for the overall aesthetic of it. The colors of the forest and the simplistic shaped with detailed, painterly textures are absolutely gorgeous. Itís definitely a plus, since the enviroment is what you will constantly be seeing, since itís a walking simulator.

    The little interactions Henry had with Dahlila are interesting and give an insight into both of their characters. As I continue on in the game, I come to find that I... donít like Henry. Our personalities are polar opposites. Heís very headstrong and bold, and doesnít care about otherís feelings. Heís stern and wishes for everything to go his way. Where I can be described as a pushover, Henry is a brickwall that refuses to fall. Dahlila on the other hand, is funny. She easily bounces back from Henryís remarks and the two play off each other well. However, this also shows where this is going to go: cheat on your wife, or stay loyal. Itís not clearly stated or presented, but you can tell from their interactions that this is where itís heading. Itís a bit disappointing that you can see it coming from miles away, but oh well. Iím hoping weíll see some more of Juliaís personality somehowóshe didnít get anything besides the intro.
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    [February 13, 2018 08:37:51 PM]
    I was under the impression that we were still playing our previous games, so I actually played quite a bit of Yakuza 0 before finding this out. I only managed to play the intro of the game along to spending the first night in the tower.

    Despite my short time with the game, it revealed a lot to me about the main character. It was interesting how the intro is kind of a ďchoose your own adventureĒ text deal, allowing you to shape his story to your liking. It also hits you where it hurts, and out of nowhere. The way it makes you take on the decisions for your wife is heartbreaking and it makes you empathetic for the main character.

    Although you feel empathetic for him, there are also little glimpses into his character that make it clear that he is also flawed in his own way. What really highlights this is when his wife gets a position at a prestigious university, but the main character doesnít want to move. You are then presented with two options: convince her not to take the job so you donít need to move, or have her take the job under the condition she travels every weekend to come see you. If memory serves right, itís 300~ miles away. It shows that heís actually... rather selfish. I waited for a third option, where you suck it up and move with your wife, or youíre the one traveling to see her. In the end, he seems to be kind of a dick. Iím interested to see how his character develops with this new job of his.
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    angelarvizucruz's Firewatch (PS4)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 13 February, 2018

    angelarvizucruz's opinion and rating for this game

    Beautiful graphics and unique walking simulator.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstar

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