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    SBrianZ's This is the Police (PC)

    [February 15, 2018 04:59:41 PM]
    Thursday, February 15th
    This game has been a treat to play. I went from playing what I believe a police officer should be. Someone who is lawful, trustworthy, and who is Utilitarian in his power. To basically being a corrupt officer. I let crimes slide, and was given numerous different options for literally killing officers I didn't like.
    The features in the game are something to reflect on. I think that the game accurately represents a city watch in more corrupt areas with problems within governments. I think the game does a good job of allowing players to pick how they want to play. In this session I wanted to be as unlawful as possible, and the game let me. If I wanted to I could've screwed over the mafia group that I was working with. The game is very flexible and allows you to play as any type of police chief that you want.
    The game puts the players eyes and mind to realize the power of people in high positions, and can show how easy it is to break the law in the a position where you enforce. I can't wait to write about this game!
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    [February 14, 2018 07:17:31 PM]
    February 14, Wednesday
    My second session of This Is The Police was quite interesting. I went from a casual police simulator with maybe somewhat adult themes to a full force HBO television series. During this gameplay session I kept in mind the idea of Utilitarianism because most people associate the idea of maintaining happiness for citizens with police since they help create peace within a city.
    This idea of Utilitarianism for the citizens dissipated however with this second session when I realized that the police chief that we play as is not so in it for the citizens. In fact he works with the Mafia. Playing as a "corrupt" cop isn't the craziest stance to dissuade the playerbase to think that police are not utilitarian, but probably the most interesting proof of my original idea came from the city government within the game.
    In order to appeal to citizens who may have appeared to have this sort of racist bias in the game. The city government wanted me to fire all african american cops in order to appeal to the city itself.
    The idea of utilitarianism is to make the majority happy. To make decisions that will make as many people as happy as possible. The game has really made me consider that sometimes utilitarian ideas are not always moral.
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    [February 13, 2018 09:16:23 PM]
    February 13, Tuesday
    Today I started the game, This is the Police. It was actually quite enjoyable with it's incredibly depressing overtones. In the game you play as a 60 year old officer who I think got moved to the position of police chief. In the game you manage your own police HQ. The types of crimes in the game seemed plausible and also didn't seem exaggerated in anyway. My favorite crime that I sent police to was to stop a drug dealing crown selling crack.
    The game got me urked at times dealing with police officers who couldn't handle a certain job. My strategy was to try to get police officers with low success rate to complete easier jobs, such as vandalism and noise complaints. But they seemed to always fail.
    One thing we learned in class was the concept of Utilitarianism. The idea that some people see it as a goal to maximize happiness. However, the game really shows that this isn't possible since crimes often end with an assailant escaping.
    My goal for this game analysis is to consider the attempts of cops to maintain satisfaction within a city and with there career partners.
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    SBrianZ's This is the Police (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 13 February, 2018

    SBrianZ's opinion and rating for this game

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