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    jp's Florence (iPd)

    [February 23, 2018 04:31:21 PM]
    It's short, it's sweet, and well worth it.

    It feels very much like what I'd like interactive comics to be - or at least what I imagine they could be? I have no idea what interactive comics are currently like or even if that's a term that has mostly disappeared from our lexicon. Either way, I really enjoyed Florence - mostly for what I'd call its little interactive metaphors. Much like what Nintendo does a lot in its games, it introduces an idea uses it once to some effect and then it's gone. They're not throway because they have just the right amount of impact - sometimes it's emotional, sometimes it's communicative, and so on. They're quite clever even as they're simple and easy to understand. My favorite ones were:

    a. Spinning the hands of a clock to make time move forward to the next moment.
    b. Putting together speech balloons in the argument - when they're also unbalanced.
    c. I enjoyed placing items in the kitchen and apartment entrance with K moved in. It was obvious that not everything would fit and it felt interesting to decide which things to stow in order to make place for the new ones (oh, and the bit later on when I had to pack K's stuff was really cool as well). It only just occured to me that I never tried to purposefully pack something that wasn't K's or try to store something that was K's after placing it in the entrance/kitchen.

    Not all the interactive metaphors were clever but - since they were all used so sparingly, it was fine.
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    jp's Florence (iPd)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 19 February, 2018

    GameLog closed on: Friday 23 February, 2018

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