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    jp's Dementium II (DS)

    [March 28, 2018 10:33:20 AM]
    Another thing I was confused by was that the first chapter takes place in a prison that morphs into a nightmare prison. There's a doctor who runs the place, but he runs away...the 2nd chapter takes place in a snowy (exteriors!) camp of sorts - there are buildings you can go into and stuff like that. This time around you're (presumably) chasing your wife who has left notes/clues and you're supposed to find your daughter...but there is no daughter only a grave with a kachina doll? (I think it was a kachina doll)

    I'm just confused as to what the transition from one to next was supposed to be...
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    [March 27, 2018 06:59:44 PM]
    Played the first two chapters and it's quite..."meh"? It's definitely creepy, and the first-person shooting and walking around works. But there wasn't enough in the game to get me interested enough to continue playing. I get the sense that the game is a direct continuation (story wise) of the first game, which I think I also started playing and then gave up on. This one definitely held my interest for a longer period of time.

    The game features an inventory system of sorts - you swap between weapons, tap to reload and that sort of thing. It felt unintuitive, but works quite well once you get used to it. It's a tricky problem because you need to use to stylus to look and orient yourself with one hand, while you use the other to move forward/back and strage (using the face buttons). Firing is with a shoulder button. In practice you only have half the buttons because they let you swap left hand/right hand - so, I could stylus with my left and press buttons with my right (or do the opposite). The inventory system works by dragging into the right slot, rather than taping or selecting.
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    jp's Dementium II (DS)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Got Bored

    GameLog started on: Sunday 18 March, 2018

    GameLog closed on: Wednesday 28 March, 2018

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