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    r_winzenried's Here They Lie (PS4)

    [March 26, 2018 04:55:17 PM]
    I just finished playing "Here They Lie" for the first time. I spent a little under an hour playing, and so far I'm interested and curious in where this game is going. From everything I've read about it, it says how scary the game is. Today I got that vibe, with the eerie, creepy, abandoned feel of the setting we're in. While it wasn't terribly horrifying, I have a feeling it will intensify and get scarier because of what I've read and how the game is considered a horror game.
    The beginning of the game seems to present a lot of questions, such as how did I get here, where am I, and who is the girl in the yellow dress? While it is a bit confusing and unsettling to start the game with these questions, I know that it is meant to keep the player on their toes and guessing. I am very curious to see what is going to happen in this game, and what happens to my character. I think it will get a lot scarier, and hopefully the plot and the objective will become clear.
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    r_winzenried's Here They Lie (PS4)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 26 March, 2018

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