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    r_winzenried's Here They Lie (PS4)

    [March 29, 2018 12:59:44 AM]
    Today as I was playing, it felt a bit scarier, especially the part when you are in the tunnels where the train is. It always feels like there is something behind you, or that something is going to jump out and attack you. It's cool that the game can keep you on your toes in that way, but as far as the actual game play, there's not much for the character to actually engage in. It seems to me that one of the main things you do is to wander around and explore, with the occasional phone call, or note, and the option to interact briefly with the other people with animal heads on.

    The game has me thinking a lot about how I can piece everything I'm given together, so that I might be able to answer some of the questions I have. A lot isn't clear, and I know that's intentional. I've got a ways to go before I have finished the game, and I hope at the end of it I have a better understanding of where I am, how I got there, and so on.

    Morally, the thing that stood out to me was the other creatures and their interactions, and my interactions with them. It seems like there was a lot of violence and I had the choice to partake in that, or as in the case I mentioned earlier, if I wanted to rescue them when they were being hung on the noose. These type of things are interesting and make me think.
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    [March 28, 2018 12:07:37 AM]
    I just finished playing Here They Lie for the second time, and I spent about an hour playing. This time around I got a better sense of the game, even though most of the questions I have haven't been answered. I understand more about what's going on with my character and, my assumed ex-girlfriend, Dana. I've also gathered that the typed notes I keep finding and the random phone calls are somehow supposed to be helping me piece together what all is going on.

    This round of playing I saw for the first time what seems to be people with animal heads running around. From what I've seen they are violent and mysterious, and I'm not quite sure who/what they are and how I should be interacting with them. In one scene that I found quite strange, I was in a theater where these people would drop down from nooses. I had the choice to help them down, but when I did so even more bodies would hang down. Finally I gave up because there didn't seem to be an end to it. I wonder why that was a part of the game and what the intentions were behind that.
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    r_winzenried's Here They Lie (PS4)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 27 March, 2018

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