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    jp's Magical Starsign (DS)

    [April 25, 2018 01:00:40 PM]
    I've decided to pull the plug ten hours in. While I'm enjoying the writing and the characters, the combat system has started to become somewhat tiresome (and I'm not enjoying random fights either). It's not that they take too long it's just that the system is not all that interesting. It's intriguing, but never feels fully realized.

    So, there's a planetary system (with planets that move around that's based on gameplay time). When a planet is in a certain location (think pie slice of its orbit), any character associated with that planet gets a boost. This also applies to enemies who can have skills/spells aligned to planets. So, some characters might be brilliant one time, but not so good later on. There's also a rock-paper-scissors relationship between different planets as well. So, it's neat - BUT you can't really plan for it or do much about it. It feels "random" in the sense that I never know if a character will be all that great or not - and I don't want to wait around for that to happen.

    There is a power/spell that lets you move the planets along (which I've used when an enemy is boosted so that they're no longer boosted), but it feels like a one-off thing that you use rarely because it's really expensive in terms of magic points.

    So, I'm done!
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    [April 13, 2018 06:45:02 PM]
    4 hrs in and I've reached the (a?) 4th planet. My party now has a total of 4 characters and I must admit that I'm getting more and more interested in the game. The last planet was fun because it involved more talking to people, a few fun gags, and not that much combat. The standout was a comedic sequence where you visit the Space Police HQ to file a complaint about space pirates and are given the run around from one desk cop to the next - all different bureaucratic offices. It was short, but funny. Especially as you catch on to what is actually going on.
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    [April 6, 2018 07:14:31 PM]
    So far this game reminds me of the Mario & Luigi games - not for the mechanics, which are pretty standard RPG fare, but for the characters, humor, and art style. The game's art feels playful in the way the M&L games were. Also, AFAIK, there's no random encounters? (which may or may not have been an issue/present in the M&L games, but I think they weren't)
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    jp's Magical Starsign (DS)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Something better came along

    GameLog started on: Sunday 1 April, 2018

    GameLog closed on: Thursday 31 May, 2018

    jp's opinion and rating for this game

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