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    jp's B Team: Metal Cartoon Squad (DS)

    [July 9, 2018 03:29:46 PM]
    Popped this in during a short plane ride and...hmmm...

    I haven't done any research on the game whatsoever so I'm super curious to know if it's based on an existing IP or not. It's just that the art is so bad that it feels like the only way this would make sense is for it to be based on an IP with a particular niche crowd and aesthetic. Otherwise, the art is just bad...

    The game, so far (I've only played three levels) is a to down twin stick shooter where you control movement with one hand and the shooting direction with the other. It feels a bit awkward to play for me, but having the large-sied DS doesn't help either. You mostly run 'n gun, with some pickups along the way to heal, change to a rocket launcher, or move faster.

    Other that that, I'm not sure what else to expect.
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    jp's B Team: Metal Cartoon Squad (DS)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Saturday 7 July, 2018

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