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    U1's Little Nightmares (PS4)

    [August 31, 2018 01:19:55 PM]
    Wednesday August 29 and Thursday August 30 I continued to play. Tiny Six climbed on a chair to reach the door knob and open a door. She finally passed. Six saw babies sleeping in a crib. They never woke up, they were always asleep. I was surprised by a large man and his shadow entering the room. But he didn't come to take care of the babies in the crib, he just passed by the room. Eventually I was on some bookshelves and the long arms of the man tried to reach me and I would try to escape. Throughout the game I also encountered cooks with shaggy faces that looked like masks. Nobody talks to me in this game; it's only images. I finally reached the mysterious Geisha and with a mirror almost my size I defended myself from her; the mirror was my weapon in a way.
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    [August 31, 2018 01:10:22 PM]
    On Tuesday August 28 I began playing Little Nightmares. I couldn't tell if the character under the yellow raincoat was a girl or a boy. I wasn't aware of the place where the avatar was at. First it appeared to me that the character could have been kidnapped. She pops out of a suitcase with no apparent explanation. There's a couple of pictures inside the cover of the luggage piece. The image of a Geisha was evident since the beginning of the game. I didn't understand if she was a good character or a mean one. Wanted to believe that she was benevolent but she didn't seem kind. The child in the raincoat, Six, had some light in one of her hands and she would pass through tunnels until she reached a place with huge toilets and toilet rolls that I as the player tried to throw to pass a door that was blocked with electricity. I turned off the power in the room with great effort to reach the lever, since Six is smaller than everything around her; like some small rag doll. And I was able to pass through the door, since the electricity was off. Another noticeable element was Six's hunger, she inspired pity.
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    [August 28, 2018 06:27:48 PM]
    Is it possible that "Little Nightmares" is a trip to your inner self; to that tunnel that most of us could have inside? Beauty is important for a geisha; when geishas get old, they could feel jealous of youth's looks. Broken mirrors are usually seen as bad luck. Six is a tiny creature in comparison to the rest of the world; items and the large man. So small that Six has to use a chair to climb on and be able to open the door. The dim light and tiny size of the avatar adds to the nightmare experience. Could it be like feeling small against the world? The scenario is a place that could be nice but is like a nightmare; the toy train for instance and the babies sleeping in the cribs with apparently no one to look after them. The electricity on the door, the leeches, the man with the long arms are all horror elements. First there's an atmosphere like going through a prison, like a ship, restaurant; all this confusion/terror contributes to the nightmare ambient. I find it challenging to be solving puzzles, like the one of fetching the key from the jar on top of the table, running away from the leech that accompanied the key. And finally opening the door with the key; the sense of accomplishment that obtaining keys and opening doors provides. A creature coming out of the water trying to grab Six is more than a nightmare, of course. Rats and many of them contribute to the disturbances that make part of this game but to end up trapped in a cage manipulated by unknown hands in an uncertain destiny is the worst part. Possibly, cruelty towards children is one of the greatest nightmares. Is Six meant to be the geisha's successor? Perhaps Six represents the future in this story and the geisha could possibly be jealous of Six's future due to her youth. So many shoes stacked together almost in a sea, makes you wonder if there's a genocide going on. And if so, for what purpose? Would it be ethical to commit a genocide whatever the cause may be? Six seems to be escalating through a floating concentration camp or restaurant managed by the geisha or big boss in this game. And Six seems to be willing to do everything that she has to do to get out of there, even if that represents tarnishing her soul on the way up/out.

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    U1's Little Nightmares (PS4)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 26 August, 2018

    U1's opinion and rating for this game

    Interesting game, suitable for not "all" ages but almost. The best part is that it's a short game; not overwhelmingly long. You will enjoy it.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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