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    lmsteining's Nier Automata (PS4)

    [August 29, 2018 06:42:59 PM]
    Nier Automata again has brought up interesting moral situations. Before I decided to delve deeper into the main story I wanted to chip away at more side quests. One side quest stood out to me very strongly. A character that I have meet before contacted me and asked if I could help her out. So, I meet up with her and she gave me a fish to eat. She warned me that it could kill me and not to get mad at her if I did, but characters in games just say this to scare you. When I ate the fish, I did die and I had to start back where I last saved. Luckily, I save often so I didn’t have to redo too much but I still hate this person for giving me that fish. She did warn me, but games usually don’t kill you like that. Sometime later I thought back on that quest and really admired the game for killing me like this. It is very creative and shows that this game is full of surprises. Next, I continued with the main story and things got even more uncomfortable. I had to battle through a great number of enemies all fighting to protect their king. I did not want to harm the king and we were just instructed to talk with him. But every enemy that saw me would charge and fight for this king. Once I got to the throne room to chat with the king I find that the king is a baby that doesn’t speak. Did this group of machines all come together and make a baby machine baby, or did they find it? Either way they probably did not trust any outsider and were very hostile towards everyone so that this baby could be safe. To this point the machines have showed so many emotions that they should not be able to have. Could machines eventually learn all these different emotions? Right after I see this baby machine I was really hoping my character wouldn’t hurt the baby. Then another android like me comes flying in and stabs the baby! Command calls in and says that this android is rogue, and we need to kill it. Surprisingly the rogue android did not start attacking me. I wanted to talk to it but then my stupid side kick 9S starts shooting at it. This was one of the hardest fights so far but of course it got away. My character asks this android why it betrayed the organization and she responds dramatically saying that the organization has betrayed me. Its hard for me to believe it when it just stabbed a baby machine, but I guess anything is possible now. The game then skips over the fact that a baby had an army willing to die for it and that this baby was just murdered. I really wanted to dig deeper into this story and figure out how this happed. Maybe later in the game these questions will be answered.
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    [August 28, 2018 08:06:25 PM]
    During this playthrough I started off by fighting these massive machines. This battle happed right after I was getting along with the nice machines. This does make me question these nice machines again. The battle against the massive machines was surprisingly easy but once they were defeated they created a massive sinkhole in the map. This creation then reveled alien life in the sinkhole! I wasted no time and jumped right in. Once I reached this large control center deep underground I found all the aliens were dead. Then popped up these human looking machines that declared that they killed them, and they wanted the humans next. This fight was more challenging, but the machines got away. These machines that I just got done fighting are just like me so who is to say that my character’s organization won’t turn on the humans.

    After this battle I decided to finish the side quests that piled up. But it seemed like every side quest that I finished three more would pop up. The command center would constantly be sending me on more and more missions. The characters even mentioned how they were getting tired too and even feeling over worked; I also was feeling this two. When I play video games I enjoy all the extra activities along with the main story. But at a certain point when I was playing I felt overwhelmed. This had to be an emotion the game designers wanted the player to feel. Just like the androids where feeling overworked, so is the player. I personally like this feature because it is a feeling I have never had before in any video game. Video games should be able to mess with our emotions like this because the experience will be more rewarding in the end.

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    [August 27, 2018 07:52:39 PM]
    Nier Automata has been a really fun game to play so far. The combat is so smooth and fast that every fight I feel like a boss. The gameplay varies a lot at the start switching between flying and ground combat. From what I have played the map is very big and there is enough activity scattered through out the world so I never felt bored. The map itself is sometimes beautiful but then occasionally the world seems bare.

    I initially played the game on hard difficulty but I could not get past the first fifteen minutes. Every time that you died you had to restart the entire game. I watched the opening cut scene about 9 times. I finally switched to Normal and I could then continue further.

    Once I got into the meat of the story I was very intrigued. In the open world there where harmless machines scattered throughout the map. I would always kill them because I had to fight them in the opening level and then learned that these machines have taken over the Earth. So I tried to erase this filth from the world. But then I came across this amusement park filled with harmless machines celebrating life and enjoying themselves. It was very weird to see these machines happy. I didn't want to attack them because there were so many of them that they would probably smarm me. But I also didn't want to attack them because it looked like they were enjoying themselves and I did not want to be a jerk. A little farther down the line I find a whole village of harmless machines that where nice to me. I believed it was a trap but also thought that maybe I do not know the whole story. Maybe this whole time I have been killing the wrong things.

    In the Ethics Reader it talked about how video games try to test our emotional responses. At the start of the game I am fighting the evil machines and told that they are the enemy. Only to find a group of machines having a good time. I didn't want to attack them and I actually questioned if these guys are all that bad. When I later was running through the same area with the harmless scattered machines I felt a little bit of guilt for attacking them earlier and I did not attack them again. So far this game has set up the player to question their actions and beliefs on who the enemy really is.
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    lmsteining's Nier Automata (PS4)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 27 August, 2018

    lmsteining's opinion and rating for this game

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