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    Stage 4's Little Nightmares (PS4)

    [August 31, 2018 12:29:15 AM]
    After defeating the long-armed man I finally discover where the hooks caring the bodies lead. As Six I grabbed onto on of the hanging hooks that a body slipped of off and rode it to a mound of more bodies. What are these bodies used for? How is this instance effecting Six? Another hunger cramp effects Six, forcing her to eat the closest thing. A live rat. This time dark Six appears on the crates leading to the next area. Why does Six have this crazy evil side of her that only comes when she eats? What could this dark silhouette mean? The crates are filled with more bodies leading to a kitchen with chef.
    Of course, my first time entering the kitchen I am instantly caught and butchered. The chef killed a child without a second thought. My next thought instantly jumps to the conclusion that the chef is cooking children. Obviously, it is not right to chop up children and eat them, but the chef shows no remorse for these children. After getting past the first chef, I found a hatch leading to an upper area, where the second chef is sleeping. I grabbed the key on a hook and made my way to meat locker where I had to throw some suspicious meat into the link machine. I assume that these are link made of children and am kind-of worried what the rest of the game has in store. Deeper in the area I find the chefs again in their butcher area cutting up the bodies.
    Who hired these chefs or are they just free lance killers? Who are they feeding? After getting past the chefs a few more times, I finally escape the area with another hook and discover where I have been the entire time. I have been traveling on a vacation boat. Now I know the chefs are feeding the vacationers the children. What is going on here? How is everyone okay with this? Do they know what theyíre eating? How did Six even get on the boat? This game take you through all sorts of challenges leading to the unethical conclusion that the ship is a cannibalism voyage of nightmares.
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    [August 30, 2018 04:37:56 AM]
    The next portion I played gave me way more questions then answers. Starting with the bed with straps to restrain someone or something. I assumed the room belongs to the long-armed creature since the cabinets are so high and because heís the only things Iíve seen thus far. Why does the long-armed thing need restrains when it sleeps? Is someone putting it in the restraint? Is it okay to restrain it? Later I get my questions answered. As Six I discover a room leading to a vent where I find a cage with some meat in it. Again, Six eats the meat and her dark silhouette appears in the background again, this time on to of some pipes. Suddenly out of nowhere the long-armed creature comes and closes the cage door on me. Who is the long-armed creature? Who is Six?
    The scene fades to black, leading to the next area where Six is in a room full of cages. The cages are filled with other trapped children. Where are these kids coming from? Why are they in cages? What is the long-armed creature going to do with them? Sad in the next few minutes of gameplay I find out the childrenís true fate. After getting out of the cage, I discover the long-armed man wrapping up the children in cloths and hanging them on hooks to go to an unknown location. Unable to stop the long-armed thing I am forced to run and leave the children. What choice did I have it was either me or them? The rest of my play time consisted of me running away from Sir Long-arms until I eventually cut his arms off in door. I just left those other kids to die and cut off a manís arms. Is that okay?
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    [August 29, 2018 01:06:33 AM]
    Little Nightmares has an artistic style that boarders on cute and horrifying, giving the player the cute avatar known as Six and forcing them to put her in the twisted, creepy world. The game begins with Six stepping out of a suitcase in a dark room with one light source. What happened? How did she get there? Is it okay to just stuff a kid in a suit case and throw them into a dark pit or is that just where she lives? Some many questions are created in the first minute of the game, leaving you to just explore and hopefully find the answers. Six has very basic movement with the ability to walk, run, jump, climb and light her lighter. Should kids have lighters? In her case, yes since you canít see anything as you start moving forward in the game. The game is very dark with the main light coming from little rays through the window/cracks in the wall and Sixís lighter.
    As I kept walking to the right, the world started to brighten up just enough for me to walk around without my lighter. I find my way into what I think is the inside of whatever Iím in and find a person who hung themselves. A suicide in a game is not to common, at least in most games Iíve played. Moving past this disturbing image, I walk across wood floorboards that suddenly cave in, dropping me in a pit of black slugs. On my first attempt at this I just stood still to see what would happen, doing nothing I found leads to death. Playing this game on the Playstation, any time something would pop up or creak the controller would vibrate putting me more on edge then I already was. This rumble was very apparent when the long-armed man entered the room with the babies.
    A good while late a loud noise begins to sound and Six hunches over in pain. I initially thought I had taken to much time or missed something important, luckily, she was just starving. A small boy in the bars across help me live by throwing me a piece of food, but this food reviles more about Six. As she gorges on the item a dark silhouette of her appears on some crates. What could this mean? Am I not who I seem to be? Another hint to my ďdark natureĒ is the fact that when I am hit by the light the eyes emit, the light kills me. Who is Six? Is she Good or Bad?

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    [August 28, 2018 10:05:21 PM]

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    Stage 4's Little Nightmares (PS4)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 28 August, 2018

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