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    Sarenna's Little Nightmares (PS4)

    [August 30, 2018 08:23:52 PM]
    I'm surprised by finishing the game within a couple sessions, and I'm left with many questions and little answers, but I think the game intended for its audience to have unique speculation about what is happening in this dark world.

    I at first thought the yellow character taking moments to eat were at first just showing a struggle to survive as eating the rat out of desperation, the kind boy throwing his food to the main character and the trap with food, however, the game makes a sharp turning point on what consuming possibly means because after you run and avoid all the people who are trying to eat you there is a moment where you are hungry again. The character comes upon one of the cone shape people who is holding a sausage. As the cone head person is lifting the sausage for you to consume I felt a happy about the generosity and that happy feeling turned into complete shock when the yellow character lunged at the cone head person to eat him instead of the sausage!
    This turning point event escalated to later eating a large woman and possibly eating the souls of the other people towards the end.

    There are so many small details in the game that I doubt I noticed the majority. The game's ending baffled me and I wonder many things such as if the yellow coat character is related to the lady who runs the grotesque eating place or even the man who committed suicide in the beginning. I wonder why were all the small children who slept in beds or sat in cages were being exploited for food, were they the same race as the larger people in the end resulting in twisted cannibalism, child abuse, and murder? What are the cone people suppose to be or represent? The game has a lot of implied or bold content that would make many people uncomfortable and disturbed due to the strong moral topics of suicide, child abuse, cannibalism, and suicide. I have been left with many mixed feelings and would go through the chapters again to find more details to fill the plot holes that lead to the confusing ending.
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    [August 29, 2018 09:40:46 PM]
    I continued forward with the game wondering what terrifying surprises awaited me this session. I found it odd that the character gets hungry, but not in the sense of needing to refill hunger over time instead there is a purpose to eat each time. The food in the trap was needed to continue with the next scene in the game while eating the rat seemed odd for the moment.

    When I am hiding and running away from the long armed man and the twin cooks I feel panic, nervous, and adrenaline. Their appearance gives me the creeps along with creepy audio of scary music, pounding heart beat, and heavy breathing from the cooks set the tone for the tension I experience when crouching under tables in shadows to avoid them.

    I do enjoy the creative way of escaping each room because I have to think about what looks like an escape route as it is not always obvious. There is secrets too from the cone head creatures and the breakable dolls, however, I may need to replay to get them all.
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    [August 28, 2018 10:01:10 PM]
    I have no background information about little nightmares. My starting experience towards this game has left me tense, disturbed, and raising many questions. The format of this game reminds me very much of the games Limbo and Inside.

    The main character's yellow jacket really stands out against the gloomy and despair environment. My first instinct when starting out is to test out the controls and see what I can do. A comforting light is what gives slight relaxation and the ability to see my surroundings.

    My instincts since the beginning tells me that I am hiding and running away from someone or something but I could not figure out what that may be. There are many details in the game that add an unsettling feeling while playing and even possibly really dark concepts in the game. There are tiny hand prints in black on walls, drag marks on floors, a large person who had committed suicide, nooses hanging, eyes that turn you to what seems like stone and leech like creatures strangling you to death.

    The more details I notice I feel more unsettled and wondering what is happening in this twisted place. The scare that left even more questions was the disturbing silhouette of a giant creature walking through one of the rooms filled with small children. I turned my light off and hid very quickly in seeing this monster.

    Already this game has left me with many questions and intriguing me uncover more of the truth on why the yellow coat character is trying to escape, run, and hide.
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    Sarenna's Little Nightmares (PS4)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 28 August, 2018

    Sarenna's opinion and rating for this game

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