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    Duke of Darkness's Nier Automata (PS4)

    [August 30, 2018 06:52:27 PM]
    Today I played for a little over an hour. I was attempting to catch up on all my side quests, or sub quests as this game likes to call them. I wasn't able to finish a couple, because I am a little low on levels. So I decided to continue with the main story. I found out that my earlier guesses weren't accurate. I still get the feeling something fishy is happening with YoRHa and the humans. But I saw some dead aliens, and the machines that killed them. It's interesting how the machines have basically duplicated the androids. War seems to go in an eternal circle.
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    [August 29, 2018 10:50:16 PM]
    Today I spent a lot more time exploring the game. I often feel like a completionist, because I want to do everything I possibly can. I try to find all the items, and do everything I can. I spent a lot of time trying to find all the save points, I tried some fishing, I did a lot of sub quests, and a bit more of the story. During all this I found a couple new weapons, which I thought were pretty cool.
    Through some of the quests I did, I ran into some more interesting moral issues. The theme park full of neutral machines, and then the village of friendly machines. So obviously not all the machines are evil. Maybe they were programmed to be violent, but also to learn. Well now they are learning and some are deciding to take to being peaceful. Were the robots really made by evil aliens? Or was it a human plan that backfired? Are the machines just an early creation that lead to the creation of androids? These are the questions I'm currently having. Some of this is based off of my experience playing the game, and the little tidbits and clues given. The rest is just me being quizzical and through experience with other stories. I played for about 2 hours today. Still loving my experience so far!
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    [August 28, 2018 10:33:00 PM]
    Today I started playing Nier Automata. I had seen a friend play the beginning bit, and some random parts in the middle, before playing today. First off this is a very fun game! They make sure that things switch up a lot, which continues to keep it interesting. Sometimes you are playing a shooter type game, sometimes an action rpg, etc. The camera also switches views a lot. This was annoying at first, but I didn't mind after about 20 minutes.

    I find the context to be extremely interesting. You play as an android that is being sent to Earth to clear out some machines, so that humans can once again inhabit earth. Androids sentience and memories can be saved, so that if they "die" their bodies can be made anew, and their memories placed into the new body.
    I think this is intriguing. It makes one ask, what is life? To further press this question into the heart, the machines you are sent to kill show signs of intelligence. The NPCs remark that this is unheard of. So are the machines sentient beings as well? You do see them learning, and acting/speaking in a child-like manner. You really are unsure what is right and wrong as you move forward.

    I played for almost 3 hours, because I wanted to know how the narrative moved forward. I was also having a blast.
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    Duke of Darkness's Nier Automata (PS4)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 27 August, 2018

    Duke of Darkness's opinion and rating for this game

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