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    Pinchy's Nier Automata (PS4)

    [August 30, 2018 03:34:17 PM]
    Play session 3: I'm getting better at this game i feel like. Taking a lot less damage and hitting perfect dodges more and more and flowing attacks in after and finishers. Maybe its easy cause its the beginning of the game? Maybe not. Who knows. There is an android resistance camp on earth that we went down to help. They are not the same kind of combat model androids that 2B and S9 are. They are more like civilian androids. We went to help the camp and upgrade some gear and such and we got a quest from the leader to go out into the desert to kill some machines. Some of the machines are docile and not moving so should i feel bad killing them if they pose no threat to me? Other machines are aggressive and attack androids. But we came across one machine that was scared of us. It ran away saying, "run, scared, androids, help" and we followed it leaving destruction in our wake, mindless killing of the aggressive and docile machines, and the machine lead us to a pit filled with other machines like it. One was saying, "Child, child, child.." and rocking a crib back and forth, others were mimicking humans having sex, is what it looked like to me. Then one that was doing neither of these things set them off and we killed more and more of them. It's just mindless, do they have feelings? I'm not quite sure how to feel about what i stumbled across. Until, they banded together and "gave birth" and created a humanoid kind of machine/figure. I don't really know what to call it. But it was smart and and was learning from the combat and progressing and countering the attacks until we killed it. And then out of its corpse it gave birth to another humanoid thing just like it. Why? What is it? It can almost be compared to society and how our technology is quickly advancing and maybe someday like in Nier, will technology take over us? Theres more examples than just Nier. Theres all sorts of movies like The Terminator, Wall-E, or games like Detroit: Become Human where there is the possibility of Androids taking over Humanity.

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    [August 30, 2018 02:12:26 PM]
    Picked the game back up this morning and got through the first mission after a second try today. I'm liking the punishing mechanics so far minus all of the bullets that are constantly flying everywhere and cause bullshit damage.
    Got some direction for the story. Our two main characters S9 and B2 are what seem to be military androids trying to rid the earth of the aliens that invaded and brought these living machine monsters that caused the extinction of humanity.
    With some direction of story we can now apply the class to the game. Which side do you take? The androids and humanity or the alien machines? I don't think that i am quite far enough to really assess which side i should take or what is ethical. Is the destruction of humanity in search of a home ethical? Is the destruction of the alien machines searching for a home ethical? Do the robots have emotions that i can attach to? We don't quite know yet.
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    [August 30, 2018 02:02:20 PM]
    Nier: Autonomy attracted me due to the Dark Souls-esque game play and punishing mechanics. My first session ends with my first death before bed. The game plays sort of like DS but adds a new mechanic of bullet hell. I've never played a dedicated bullet hell game exclusively before, but I have played DS3 and Bloodborne quite a bit so the dip duck dodging isn't new. The forced perspective makes things very hard because camera control is in my opinion one of the most valuable mechanics a player can have and that seems to have been a good source of my death. But the infinite stamina for dodging sort of makes up for that in a way.
    The story is pretty unknown as of now. Robots seem to have taken over earth and humans are nowhere to be found. A lot of mindless killing.

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    Pinchy's Nier Automata (PS4)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 29 August, 2018

    Pinchy's opinion and rating for this game

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