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    Neuschwanderer's A Mortician's Tale (PC)

    [September 27, 2018 01:29:53 AM]
    I honestly don't have much more, if anything at all to review as far as gameplay goes. I've literally completed the entire game now. I guess it was almost worth the 15 dollars. So, what I want to talk about instead is the ethical issues that it tends to tango with about death. In my opinion this game does a really good job at making the topic of death and the topics that get brought up with it extremely easy to digest. In fact I really like how the game never really makes things feel dark or depressing. The game actually keeps a greatly cheery feeling/tone throughout the entire play through. Death is usually seen as a negative part of life, however this game changes the representation of death into a fact of life that we must respect and work with not against. It also brought up a lot of beliefs on how to make the death industry more environmentally friendly and also brings up emotions with small business vs large companies. Yet, despite the small tangent to that direction the game seems to spend most of it's time as a learning tool for people to use to teach them about being respectful to the deceased, their families, and a little about the industry as a whole. The game does an excellent job at making you feel attached to it's characters, which for a game that took me about 80 minutes to complete is fairly impressive. All in all a good game albeit a bit too short for my tastes.
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    [September 26, 2018 01:54:01 AM]
    Assuming that there was more to the game I decided to play the game again to get another possible understanding of the game. However, what I found was that there really isn't much in the game outside of the intended path for players to experience. So while I was playing I decided to look for every other possible action I could do in the game. What I managed to find out was that you can play Tales of the Crypt Keeper while checking your email on the fourth level. I tried playing the rip off mind sweeper clone for about ten to twenty minutes until I decided that the symbols on the game meant nothing in relation to the numbers in classic mind sweeper. So I went for the other achievement in the game which was to talk to everyone at every funeral. Which was actually pretty nice because each person had a little story to tell when read in the context of that particular funeral. It was interesting to see how different people were behaving in reaction to the lost of a loved one or family. Yet, other than that I didn't really find anything else to do in the game other than trying without any luck to beat rip of mind sweeper.
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    [September 20, 2018 10:48:10 PM]
    When I first heard of the game ďA Morticians TaleĒ I was curious on what style of gameplay they chose to take with the premise. Although I wasnít surprised with the gameplay outside of having you attend all of the funerals, which was actually pretty cool. What I found was interesting was the use of emails to create story elements within the game and how it was used as level progression. I was actually quite shocked to find just how short the game was. I didnít realize it only had three achievements on steam or I might have predicted it was a shorter game. Nevertheless, it was new to see how a game with such good reviews was in fact only about an hour and half worth of gameplay. The story began working for a small mom and pop funeral home called Rose and Daughters. After about 5 levels the company is bought by big corporate thugs that take all the joy out of working with the characters that youíve talked with so far. After about 2-3 frustrating, putting it kindly, levels working for big corporate funeral home you get a nice single level event where you find out you started up your own business by the name of Magnolia Forest. Iíve yet to talk to every single member of a funeral which I still want to do, but other than that the game was more of a linear story with elements of interactivity rather than an actual game. It did bring up a lot of good questions on death and what it means for those who play it though. I was especially intrigued by the option that it gave you to opt out of the level where you had to prepare the body of the boy who killed himself. It was cool to see that the game took peoples emotions on such a topic into account, but it was a little weird that with all the different death scenarios that it gave you that suicide was the only one that you had more than one option to engage with on the emails. In my personal opinion this game made me more interested in the love life and personality of Charlies, the MCís, best friend that it was with the message that the game was clearly trying to portray about the current condition of the death industry in our society. As a funny little side note I found it hilarious to notice that the developers could have been British to some degree based off how they spelt honor as honour was anything to go by.
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    Neuschwanderer's A Mortician's Tale (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 20 September, 2018

    Neuschwanderer's opinion and rating for this game

    Very sweet short and to the point.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstar

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