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    KalebHogan's Nier Automata (PC)

    [September 26, 2018 07:25:45 PM]
    Today I played for about an hour and a half. Most of the game consists of me running place to place and picking up items on the way. Enemies aren't very interesting or challenging to fight. One bit of side story had come up, that the commander has messy rooms and isnt as much of a tyrant as others thought. This is only interesting because up until this point it isn’t quite clear that the androids are actually human, they seem just as mechanical as the robots you are fighting.
    After doing a few fetch quests I got a notification that a goliath had entered the city center, so me and 9s went to take care of the situation. The goliath had been the first main sequences boss so I was slightly disappointed that they were reusing bosses. This fight was much easier than before because I had leveled up alot up until this point.
    When killing the goliaths the ground beneath them sunk and a transmission had been sent out from the aliens after hundreds of years of silence. So we investigated the gigantic sinkhole. At the end we found the alien base where all the aliens were dead. We run into the shirtless guy from a previous boss fight and a twin of his. They request we go to mars to retrieve something or someone for them, but I couldn’t retain the info because I was required to battle them while this conversation was taking place. When I got them to half health they teleported away.
    After this encounter we are told to go to investigate a forest kingdom where we encounter robots wearing viking esk armor trying to protect their king. 9s brings up the observation that it is strange that robots would have a concept like valor and loyalty. Bringing up another philosophical question, if robots were able to have all the qualities we value in humans then how could we treat them different.
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    [September 24, 2018 06:00:47 PM]
    Today I played for about an hour. I was given a quest to investigate an area outside the Outpost. I discovered it was an amusement park where the robots were not attacking me and were chanting strange things like love and peace. I avoided my companions suggestion to not fight the heavily armored tank that was in the amusement park. I ran past all the robots and did not fight them. This is when I ran into the boss. The boss was a large robot in a dress who had dead androids attached to her. Half way through the batter we were then attacked by other androids who had fallen to the boss. They were attacking us and presumably we had no choice but to kill them. Afterward 9s assured me that the androids were only being kept alive by the boss and they died after we defeated it. This was interesting because it was like killing our own kind. Although we do not know if androids feel pain or can actually die because presumably the consciousness is kept in a black box they carry on them. So really they were just empty shells of people. This game asks a lot of philosophical questions on what consciousness is and how it relates to morality.
    After beating the boss we were contacted by an intelligent robot who took us back to a village in the woods who were all intelligent robots. They were waving white flags to signify their peacefulness and most of them were intelligent but not fully autonomous. Some more philosophical questions were raised by this encounter. I wondered if they felt pain but we are not told yet if they do or not. If they feel pain does that make it unethical to kill them. And even if they cant feel pain does this make it okay to kill them? Some humans can’t feel pain but we still think they have the same value as anyone else.
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    [September 22, 2018 12:29:48 PM]
    Two and a half hours of gameplay today, I obviously liked this game. Playing the game in the beginning the most interesting parts were the variety of gameplay from the same mechanics. Seamlessly switching between side scroller, top down twin stick, and 3rd person combat/shooter. I really enjoyed the variation given because of this set up.
    Storywise the game has some obvious ethical information. Finding out that when I die my consciousness is backed up “on the cloud” and my body is just a vessel was not surprising. Although it is an interesting game mechanic, turning the souls formula futuristic. Some ideas came to me when the protagonist seemingly committed suicide, is it ethical to commit suicide if you know your consciousness is backed up and the “you” that is “you” is still there. This made me think of the Star trek teleportation dilemma. It is obviously not you, because the atoms are not the same, but because you start experiencing consciousness at the time your old body ended it makes it feel like you are the continuation of the experience that is you.
    Another point in the game that posed an ethical question was when man running the shop at the first outpost you visit, with the handicap leg, asks “if i replace every part of my body am I still me?” This is a great philosophical question, and possibly a moral one. The weapons dealer says “he wonders if him trying to help the cause by selling guns, is just making his friends die faster anyways.”
    Talking robots makes you feel for them and the tribal music makes you feel like you are committing genocide on the robots. Looking forward to playing again.
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    KalebHogan's Nier Automata (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Saturday 22 September, 2018

    KalebHogan's opinion and rating for this game

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