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    Pinchy's Little Nightmares (PS4)

    [September 27, 2018 04:50:50 AM]
    I have played through most of the game and i am loving it. The puzzles are challenging and pulling me in to play. The environment is grotesque and interesting and giving the game this feel of uncertainty and unsettling tone.(For the purpose of this assignment i have looked up how the game ends.)
    The game starts out with a little girl in a yellow rain jacket in what seem to be a sewerish kind of place or a ship. The environment is dark and not pleasing to the eye but it draws you in. You are in a prison where they keep children and other animals captive and treat them poorly and torture them. The monsters are grotesque and gruesome looking creatures. Theres bloodstained walls and people hanging from the ceiling either by suicide or murder. The story is very straightforward and dark. As you progress the mechanic of hunger is added to the game. Which leads me to the ethical of the game. If you don't eat you don't die, but it makes the game substantially harder. Is it okay to starve this little girl or is it okay to murder and eat these rats, monsters, and even the gnomes that are trying to help you. You watch other children get hooked and processed by these monsters. The girl gets more and more ravenous as you play. All these events lead to you surviving the matriarch and killing and eating her. You have essentially become what she was. The girl isn't a hero. She has been reduced down to a ravenous power hungry animal. She was never ethically in the right from the start of the game. In the end are the monsters the antagonists or is the little girl?
    The game pushes more than just if what the girl is doing is ethically right. Is it okay for these monsters to capture and process children? Is it okay for the developers to show what seems to be a suicide right near the beginning of the game. A lot of the ethical arguments come from the player choices and situations handled.
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    [September 26, 2018 12:35:47 AM]
    Today is a lot more of the same. Yet the game still makes me want to play it more and more. The incredibly creepy tone of the game, the direct straighforward narrative. Still not very much in the way of instruction, the game leaves it up to the player to figure out what is happening, what to do and how to do it. They added a new mechanic of the girl getting hungry and i think this is one of the points where ethics can be involved in the game. The girl needs to eat and becomes more and more ravenous throughout the game. I'm thinking she'll add more and more to her diet, possibly at some point eating the little gnomes that are trying to help you out. But would it be better to starve her or let her murder and feast?
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    [September 24, 2018 02:35:08 PM]
    I didn't know what to expect from Little Nightmares. At first you are pretty clueless to any sort of story or anything, all you know is that its dark, you have a lighter to help you see, and theres some puzzles to get through. The game is pretty fun to play and the puzzles are fun to solve.
    You feel very alone at first and the game doesn't tell you anything about controls, so it adds to the feeling of "What is even happening" that invokes interest in the player. Looking forward to more of the game.
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    Pinchy's Little Nightmares (PS4)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 24 September, 2018

    Pinchy's opinion and rating for this game

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