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    bharami's Nier: Automata (PS4)

    [September 27, 2018 10:43:15 PM]
    Holy moly! I stopped at the wrong place yesterday! As soon as I started up the next part you walk back into the building where all the robot children were hiding and they had all killed themselves from fear. And then Pascal couldn't handle the pain and I had to wipe his memories. I wish there had been an option to tell him that if he lost his memories of them there would be no one left to remember them but games don't have all options. The two options were to wipe his memories or kill him. I imagine I will have to kill him later but I really want to avoid it if I can. I really like Pascal...

    I would really like to explore the robots feelings and emotions vs the androids feelings and emotions. I find it all super intriguing and I think there's something more to be found there. I can't wait to do my research for my next OPA!
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    [September 26, 2018 11:44:08 PM]
    In the portion I just played through in Nier, you have to fight Engels as Pascal. Through 9S you can interact with Engels if you want to. I did interact with him and I really liked his character and story. So it was really sad when Pascal jumped in a giant mecha to save his villagers only to end up having to fight with Engels.

    Beyond being devastated that I have to fight someone I really loved, I think that there are some ideas to be explored as to why it's okay to kill robots to save other robots. What makes Pascal's villagers "lives" worth more than the other robots? Through playing the game I think it's safe to say that the villagers are much more friendly and I would definitely pick them over any other robots. But it is thought provoking to think about the differences in value of different robots.
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    [September 26, 2018 12:53:59 AM]
    Heavy spoilers for later parts of Nier!!!

    Prior to this class, I had started playing Nier already. I am far enough from understanding/completing the story that I feel comfortable playing this game for my second gamelog. I have completed a couple of the endings and I am currently attempting to play through the story as A2/9S.

    I really want to find out more about the robots vs androids issue. It seems trivial to me because I feel like androids and robots are almost the same thing. But the androids obviously feel like there is a big difference. Why do they feel like that difference is there and why does it even matter?

    The next thing I want to know more about is Adam and Eve. They are robots that are androids? Talk about confusing (but very intriguing!).

    I also want to try and understand what it means that the humans haven't been giving orders at all. It's been androids pretending that the humans were still alive when really humans have been dead for a long time. What does this mean for our heroes?

    Lastly, I want to understand androids aversion to emotions. They seem to feel them so why are they so apposed?

    Lots to look into over the next few days! Can't wait. This is one of my favorite games from what I've played so far.
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    bharami's Nier: Automata (PS4)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 26 September, 2018

    bharami's opinion and rating for this game

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