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    jp's Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4)

    [October 29, 2018 01:06:00 PM]
    ...and I've finished!

    As I've been wrapping up with this game I noticed that most of the trophies have a pretty high (above 40%) rate of completion. I don't think this is because they're too easy. Rather I think that it shows that people have really been enjoying the game. While the achievements aren't particularly difficulty, they require a certain amount of commitment to the game (e.g. complete all the sidequests, complete all the science research tasks, etc.).

    When I began playing I was mostly interested in the gameplay (I still think moving in the city is absolutely delicious). Over time I began to appreciate the story more - in particular the way story was integrated with gameplay activities and such. There is so much good stuff to appreciate here design-wise! Here's my stream-of-writing list:

    a. The loading screens are interactive and varied, they also offer gameplay tips (this was really useful at the beginning). I also enjoyed how they pic of Spiderman changes based on the costume you've selected!

    b. There are (at least?) three different loading screens. The first is the Spidey in a pose screen that has tips and shows Spidey in your currently selected costume. The second is for the fast-travel system - again there are always different scenes BUT they also change to reflect the story. Once you're being chased by Sable you no longer ride ON the subway but rather on the roof or the outside. The third shows Manhattan and is used to signal a transition (from day to night or vice versa) by slowly changing the light/colors reflecting the transition. The loading screens are REALLY well designed!

    c. I really enjoyed how you are introduced as Octavius' research assistant and spend non-insignificant time working with him, helping out on projects and such. You are even witness to Oswald's mistreatment of Octavius. It's delicious because you know where this is all going (or at least you think you do, and you're right!). I think the approach of starting with gameplay - you're visit Otto to do story missions and complete lab tasks before really laying on the narrative stuff thickly worked really well. To be fair, I'm absolutely NOT up to date on the current state of the Spidey-verse so I have no idea if the game' plot is inspired by Spidey-verse stuff. Same deal with Martin Li/Mister Negative (I had never heard of him - so hat was all new to me as well). Also, JJJ as a radio jockey? That was interesting too... he was more interesting than I expected (more reasonable while still as anti-Spidey as usual)

    d. At this point it's pretty safe to assume people know about Spiderman (from all the movies if nothing else) so I really enjoyed being dropped in the middle of things. I know enough about Spidey to appreciate what were (for me!) surprises. Eg. MJ knows his secret? MJ and PP were in a relationship but no longer? PP works for OO? PP is friends with NO's son? What? This made the ending all the more special - I have no idea what Aunt May's status is in Spidey-verse. Also, I had heard about Miles Morales (but don't know any details), so the slow introduction of him as a character as well as the ending was super neat.

    e. While I wouldn't say that I "learned" my way around Manhattan I did enjoy how different areas/neighborhoods REALLY felt like different places AND that they offered different pleasures in terms of swinging around and such. Some areas are easier to navigate by swinging, others were fun to drop/graze the floor, etc.

    f. I always felt guilty when choosing NOT to respond to police radio chatter about some event that was in the area. It was really hard to resist that - pobably goes to good world-building as well as a bit of role-playing. :-)

    g. I'm not a fan of the wheel for gadget selection. There is a fast way to swap between two, but I never used it (forgot it existed). I did appreciate time slowing down when you opened the wheel as this actively contributed towards my using gadgets more often after the mid-point of the game (when I realized I hadn't been using them at all, which seemed like a big waste)

    h. All of the suits you can unlock have a special power that is unlocked with them. I really appreciate that once you've unlocked a suit it's power becomes independent of the suit - so you can always wear the suit you like best and pair it up with the power you want/need/enjoy at the moment.

    What next? I've decided not to pursue the few trophies I'm missing because they're huge time-sinks (fight crime incidents all over the city, a few hours easy + practice and get good at the special challenges such that I can afford to purchase the few suits I haven't bought)

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    [September 28, 2018 07:17:27 PM]
    I haven't played too much...BUT I'm really enjoying:

    a. The feeling of speed, acceleration, and motion when you swing from building to building. It feels the way Spider-Man is described/drawn in the comics and, I would say, BETTER than in the movies (where it often seems too unrealistic)

    b. I like how layered everything is - things seem to unlock/become available at a rate that I can control as a player by pursuing/not pursuing story missions.

    c. I think I like the combat system - but I'm still learning it, so we'll see how that goes.
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    jp's Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 24 September, 2018

    GameLog closed on: Monday 29 October, 2018

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