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    Kia's Hitman (PS4)

    [November 7, 2018 07:50:14 PM]
    Dear diary,

    I went to Paris! Not really. Agent 47 went to Paris to take out Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis They are the Sanguineís CEOs who also double as the ringleaders of IAGO. Fun right? Mostly. First I had to get set up. See, before the mission truly starts youíre given the opportunity to choose your weapons, attire, starting location, and a few other things. Nothing really unethical about it, but itís a fun mechanic for the game. Anyway, on to the game! I started out at the opening of a grand estate where a fashion event is being held. I apparently had an invite, likely forged, so I got in without having to sneak. Once in I was able to locate my targets easily enough, but then I had to find a way to get them isolated.

    Cue famous person! I guess thereís a famous bald model at the event who I get to subdue and impersonate. Yay me! Oh, and with that act we can add impersonation or identity theft to the list of unethical issues. So I find the guy, take him out, dump him in the lake, then go get my makeup done. Because yes, ever Hitman needs makeup before they kill people. Actually I needed it for the catwalk, but details details. Once I make my 15 second appearance and get my little achieve Iím off to go a murdering! Now for someone who explored the estate prior to all this, I was able to find an invitation for the secret IAGO trade happening on the second floor. Iím not sure if it was useful considering my disguise, but I was able to get to my target easily either way. Then with a quick snap of the neck I was off to deal with the other one.

    Now before I continue I feel I must remark on the numerous ways this game gives you to kill someone. You literally can use anything at your disposal, such as: scissors, wrench, gun, cord, your hands, and even a large set of lights. Gruesome right? In light of the fact that this game is a killing game, it isnít terribly too surprising though. Normal hitman would use anything they could to get the job done, so this is just portraying authenticity. When considering ethics, however, one might say itís a bit much. Nevertheless, dropping a very large set of lights on the second target is exactly how I managed to kill him. Was it over done? Yes. Did I get an achievement for it? Yes. Did I get caught? No. I was still wearing my previous disguise, so I didnít have any issues actually getting back out of the estate. It was literally one and done.

    With the Paris mission complete and my previous two entries done, Iíve got to say that Iím a little disappointed in Hitman. The game itself is everything Iíd heard it would be, but I thought there would be a bit more controversy regarding the gameplay. Sure it had blood, dirty deeds, and scandalous lies. It even had an assortment of choices for youíre murdering needs. Yet, despite all this, I feel like itís missing something. A big bang or shocking turn of events. Maybe I just want 47 to be more evil than he already is. Who knows. What I do know is that ethically this game has issues. Not as many as I thought it would, but enough to give the public a reason to keep it out of the hands of children. We wouldnít want the little tykes learning how to murder, after all, would we?

    Current missions complete, a dozen more to go,


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    [November 6, 2018 05:15:25 PM]
    Dear diary,

    I messed up. Not on my mission, mind you, but in playing this game in order. Apparently you can skip through the prologue and go straight to the final test if you want. Not that it changes the story too much, albeit you do lose a bit of context. I wonder if future missions will be the same. Will I be able to jump around or will the story force me to go from point A to point B? Guess weíll see. For now I suppose I should report on my gameplay and new findings. Not that there are many. I officially finished the prologue and training. In total, that means I had to kill 3 times--with one person dying two different ways.

    The first time was what I wrote about earlier. The second was a rerun of the same area and the same guy. I just had to kill him differently. As a game this idea of thinking about different ways to kill someone is interesting, even fun. In real life, youíd be called a psychopath. This is doubly true for the final test. See, instead of outright killing this target, I had to trick him into killing himself. It was a lot of sneaking around and sabotaging a plane, but it worked. By the end of it the target, who somehow didnít find me suspicious, pulled the active seat ejector and launched himself through the roof. Iím pretty sure if the glass he went through didnít kill him, then the landing definitely did. In any case, I was able to sneak back out without being noticed and hit the button used to end the mission.

    Speaking about the button, I have to say that is such an odd way to end missions. Thereís nothing ethically wrong with it, but I think the creators could have come up with something better to signal your departure. Anyway, outside of more trespassing, theft, and murder, I couldnít find any ethical issues within the rest of the prologue/tests. I did notice that the Handler was all too pleased to use 47 as a weapon, however, despite her superiors reservations. I point this out not because of those reservations--for they were not of good intent--but because using someone else as such is wrong. It shouldnít matter if theyíve killed before. Theyíre still human. Of course this particular human came to them, if Iím not mistaken, so thereís only so much I can complain about his misuse. If he endorses it, is it still wrong? Iím not sure. In theory itís wrong no matter what, but so is taking someoneís choices away simply because your beliefs differ. So Iíll have to see how things pan out. If Agent 47 endorses being used and abused, then so be it. If, however, there is a line he is forced to cross or a time in which he no longer appreciates being seen as deadly, then it may be argued that his treatment is indeed unethical.

    ďThreeĒ missions down, a dozen more to go,

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    [November 4, 2018 10:37:19 AM]
    Dear diary,

    Today I killed someone. The voices told me to. They even gave me a gun. All I had to do was figure out how to get close to the person without getting caught, but it was easy. They died quickly. A single shot to the head. I used my silencer so no one would notice. It worked so well that I wasnít even suspected. Iíll be honest, I was surprised at that. I thought for sure someone would have outed me when I first entered the ship, but no. Apparently knocking someone out, stealing their clothes, and using them to disguise myself is enough. The only threat I had were the crew leads and I avoided them without even breaking a sweat. Thus my first mission went off without a hitch. My superiors say Iím perfect at what I do. A trained killer without a moral compass. They think Iíve been in this line of work before. I donít remember if I have or not. My past is a mystery to all. I donít even know my own name. Support is trying to figure all that out for me, but so far they have nothing to go on. For now, it seems, all I have are the missions and the hope that maybe my past will come back to me.

    It is thus that Hitman begins. You start the game within the prologue as Agent 47 who must identify and assassinate a specific target without being seen. Your support helps guide you through, but youíre the one who must decide how things go down. It is a stunning game with beautiful mechanics. The characters are fleshed out, the story intriguing, and the execution flawless. At least, thatís my opinion so far. I have only finished the first mission. That said, I kind of wish Hitmanís ethical issues spread beyond trespassing, theft, and murder. Itís not that I want this game to be bloody, but I feel like itíd give the story more depth. It would definitely make it more unique and less on par with Assassinís Creed. Then again, maybe thatís just me being particular. A killing game is good only so long as it is interesting. So hereís to hoping Hitman keeps me on my toes, else Iíll be very disappointed.

    One mission down, a dozen more to go,

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    Kia's Hitman (PS4)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Something better came along

    GameLog started on: Saturday 3 November, 2018

    GameLog closed on: Sunday 25 November, 2018

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