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    SageSeversonEAE3020's A Way Out (PS)

    [November 7, 2018 03:55:41 PM]
    Player projection will be the topic of my OPA. I wasn’t too sure after my third hour into the game, as many other possibilities appeared to talk about the game. At first, I was thinking about dissecting the peaceful parts of the game--the moments where the player(s) are not tense with action--relief. However, thinking about it more, combining player projection with the effect of contrasting moments of action with relief, seems like a much more intriguing OPA. When Vincent, Lea, and Alex are playing basketball, the players aren’t doing anything special at all. It is in that normalness that creates an outlet for human projection. One of my favorite parts so far is that after the basketball game, Leo talks with his girl, and Vincent just gets to play some more basketball with Alex. Usually, a moment like this would be implemented as a cutscene in the game, but A Way Out lets the player who’s supposed to be invested in Leo’s moment does, while the other player gets put in the same shoes as Vincent, who doesn’t care or experience the moment himself, and the game sets that up so perfectly.
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    [November 6, 2018 10:52:56 PM]
    After a couple hours into the game, I’m really starting to think player projection plays a huge role. The bickering between Vincent and Leo, hearing them say “I already told you”, and “So what the hell were we talking about” during action/stealth scenes provide an interesting dynamic between both the characters, as well as the players. These sayings, along with another few, are strikingly similar to what players would say to each other while playing together. Along those lines, I’m very much liking the progression of the characters, in what actions they do, and more interestingly how the camera puts up a dynamic between the players as well as the characters. More thoughts on this to come as the story progresses.
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    [November 6, 2018 12:16:19 AM]
    My first impression of A Way Out exceeded my expectations. Giving the player(s) a narrative opening to the two characters before the game even “starts”-- which in effect gives the option to pick which character seems more in line with the player’s style and views, alongside the character descriptions. It was at this moment that A Way Out was going to be a character-based game, which I really like. The splitscreen mechanic was also very interestingly implemented. Before the two characters even meet, the split screen allows one character to look at or over the other, without the other character’s notice, though the player does. Thirty minutes into the game, and still, I think Leo and Vincent’s first interaction is still my favorite part. Vincent has no idea that Leo is getting beaten up, but the player does, which provides an interesting pre-dynamic of care, despite the two characters even meeting yet. Additionally, after Vincent helps Leo fight, the player has an established connection with the character through the other player and their own character. Yet, Leo does not care for Vincent’s help. I have a feeling that player projection and the question of self vs. ideal self through video games will come about this game log.
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    SageSeversonEAE3020's A Way Out (PS)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 6 November, 2018

    SageSeversonEAE3020's opinion and rating for this game

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