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    AlveyLi's A Way Out (PS4)

    [November 8, 2018 05:22:44 PM]
    At the third day, we have finished the game A Way Out. It is a game with pretty short game story, however, the story makes players fall into meditation. At the final part of the game, only one of the main character can survive the game and back to their family. Both of them are correct, but also, both of them are wrong. It is really difficult to decide which one of them is the more correct one. Both of my girlfriend and I want to make our own character survive in the end because each of the character we played for the past three days are correct and should have the chance to go back to his family. Due to I have a better skill of game, I successfully kill my girlfriend's character Vincent. However, I didn't get the joy of the winner. I deeply substitute into the game and think I as Leo has just lost one of the best friends in my life.
    After finishing the game, I think the most serious moral problem in A Way Out is that the game have the power to distort the morality of the player. From the game, we can straightly discover that Leo as a recidivist has an excellent morality and his sympathetically story makes players forgive his behaviors and even want to help him. On the other hand, Vincent, as a policeman who is incarnation of justice would choose to act like a recidivist like Leo and even kill other police due to his own lust. Finally, Vincent has the chance to tell Leo the truth and let him go. However, he still choose to betray Leo and catch him.
    From the game, Leo seems like the party of justice,but Vincent, the real good one, seems like the betrayer. Consequently, A Way Out shows players a wrong moral principle.
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    [November 8, 2018 12:50:09 AM]
    For the second day playing A Way Out, my girlfriend and I are pretty familiar with the cooperation in the game. However, since my girlfriend have never played shooting game and driving game. We tries many times at these situations, however, even though we miss it many times, we would still keep waiting for each other until we make it. I think this is the best design of the game. We never give up each other.
    After killing Harvey, I start to think about some ethical problems in the game. The first thing I cognize is that players may start to think people escape from jails may not be that bad. They may even think these escapee need some help and try to help them. They may be influenced by the game because the two main characters in the game shows their kind quality to players and players would sympathy them. What is more, players may even distort their ideas that some criminals may be not bad. This is really a dangerous situations from A Way Out.
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    [November 6, 2018 11:44:55 PM]
    The first thing I want to say about this game is this is the best cooperation game I have ever played. As soon as I start the game, it makes me crazy that this game must have 2 players to play together so that I have to let my girlfriend who has never played video games to play with me. At the beginning of the game, it teaches us how to go through the game and how to operate in the game. We start to be attracted by the story and the necessity of cooperation. The more we sink in the game, the more we want to discover and play. Although the story of A Way Out seems normal, the mechanic of cooperation successfully overcome all the drawbacks. During playing the game, I may be annoyed and even blame my girlfriends when she repeated some mistakes, but I know I cannot make it without her so that I would always wait for her. There are two scenes attracting me a lot. One is the time we cooperate to climb to the roof. At first, we may always make some mistakes, however, the more we tried, the better we play. Another one is the time we need to kill two cops at the same time. When we faced that at the first time, we tried many times and count numbers together. After training a lot of times, we have tacit understanding and can do it easily. We help each other, save each other, and depend on each other. A Way Out is really a fantastic video game which provides players with a great cooperation experience.
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    AlveyLi's A Way Out (PS4)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 6 November, 2018

    AlveyLi's opinion and rating for this game

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