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    Duke of Darkness's A Mortician's Tale (PC)

    [November 7, 2018 02:14:38 PM]
    Today I played through, "Mortician's Tale again". This time I wanted to push the boundaries and see what I could do. I looked at the steam achievements, and realized there were 2 out of the 3 I hadn't gotten. I decided I would get those, because the game is so short. I didn't talk to everyone the last time I played through, with the second option. One achievement was to talk to everyone, so I did this on my 3rd play through. I noticed at the end of the second time playing that the computer had different tabs. This 3rd time I read through all of those as well. I read every email. I noticed there was a mini game which is just a more difficult mine sweeper. It randomizes/cycles through different symbols to mark the amount of ghosts, (mines) are near, so you have to figure it out each time you start it. I spent about 30 minutes trying to beat it, and I finally did! I got the last achievement for the game, which made me happy. I also tried to explore and disobey the prompts. I found out that the game doesn't allow you to mess up. You can't disrespect the bodies if you wanted to. Which was actually a good thing, in my opinion. This helped the message of the game be the most important focus.
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    [November 7, 2018 02:09:05 PM]
    Monday, I played through the game again. This time I rushed through it, and chose the one other option you are given the entire game, to see if it had any consequences. It didn't. I probably beat the game in 15 minutes this time. It was nice that the game gave you an option to avoid the sensitivity of suicide. I was able to perform all the functions without needing the hand-holding of the prompts.
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    [November 7, 2018 02:04:12 PM]
    On Sunday I played, "Mortician's Tale" for the first time. I played the whole game in about 40 minutes. It's not a long game. It's not a difficult game. But it is a good game. At first it seemed a bit strange to be playing as a mortician and preparing bodies for burial, but the game is very educational and respectful. You learn a lot about what morticians do, and go through. I liked, that the game had you pay respects to each person whose' body you prepared. The game was definitely about being against corporate mortuaries, and trying to teach about more environmentally friendly options. It ended nicely. Interesting change in the music to reflect the good of having your own, small business, and being very environmentally friendly. I made sure that I read everything, and talked with everyone. The creators did a good job of showing different perspectives on death.

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    Duke of Darkness's A Mortician's Tale (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 5 November, 2018

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