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    Sarenna's A Mortician's Tale (PC)

    [November 9, 2018 10:45:37 PM]
    I decided to play through the game once more and I find it alarming how easily the funeral industry takes advantage of the customers. I personally did not know about the process of death and have had little interaction with the deceased of those in my family, however the game has a clear picture between the small business your character begins that focus on being accommodating, show sympathy, an death being a normal human experience. The big corporation that takes over though is all about fees, money, selling as much as you can to the customer, and not focus on showing compassion towards the customers nor taking into consideration culture perspectives in respecting the dead. The companies utilize the fear, misinformed, and grief to exploit those for money and the game wants players to know that this is ethically wrong to do. The game's ending is your character opening up their own funeral shop because they disagreed with the mindset and attitude of the bigger corporations.
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    [November 8, 2018 09:26:36 PM]
    The game is short however it certainly gives quite the visual art about death. The game in the beginning had death be important to help others through and be supportive while in the middle of the game the corporation wanted you to not be supportive and instead exploit customers for money. The focus changed to not helping others to only about the money which comes off highly disrespectful and lacks any intention of empathy and sympathy.

    The diverse messages were mostly seen through the emails and comments of those in the funerals and something important that the game emphasized is death is not racist, sexist, etc. It given to everyone no matter who you are. The most important ethical message I have interpreted in the game is that death is meant to be respectful, supportive, and sympathize with those who are going through it. It is unethical to exploit those in vulnerability of loss and despair for profit.
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    [November 7, 2018 08:22:33 PM]
    When playing Mortician's Tale I believe it would be safe to assume that this game will be talking about death. The game's mechanics are just test and experiment on what each item is when preparing bodies, but what has captured my attention is the comments of the family members and emails that the player received when interacting with those at the funeral. Sometimes the characters talked about the dead relative and sometimes nobody cared or even mentioned the deceased.

    I found it interesting about how different cultures treat the dead and what colors, jewelry, and clothing are respectful and not respectful. The different patients range in age of old and young on those who have died making death happen at any moment. I'm not sure what ethical stance the game will be taking about death, but the dialogue will be important to analyze to reach conclusive evidence. The line that stood out to me for this play through was your boss saying "Because we work with death all the time and I still sometimes get caught off guard by what that actually means." I asked myself what does that mean not only to me, but to the characters too. Death happens every day even if I am not around to witness it.
    side note- I had issues with getting the game up and running as so lovely is my garbo computer, I will be posting today, tomorrow, and the day after.
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    Sarenna's A Mortician's Tale (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 6 November, 2018

    Sarenna's opinion and rating for this game

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