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    Oliverqinhao's Hitman (Complete First Season) (PC)

    [November 9, 2018 01:03:02 AM]
    I notice some detail during my gameplay. Because I start to lost patience so I go wild at the latter stage. System take a lot of points of for killing “irrelevant people”. Almost 2/3 of my points. And there are challenge for only kill the target as well. I guess the developer have a clear attitude for killing the innocent people in the game. You are only allowed to kill the target and any other kills is intolerable. Unlike some game you could kill guards to finish your mission.
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    [November 8, 2018 04:06:02 AM]
    The second and third stages are huge. One thing I didn’t mentioned in the first part is hint that games to you. You can listen to the NPC in the stage and get hints about how to get in the mission area or kill the target. And you could combine the hints. For instance. At the second stage. I follow the hint and act as a psychologist. But when I am entering the target’s house, I was asking to have a body search. But I want to keep my gun, so I go and see if there is any back doors. I found the back door but require a key card. Then I triggered another hint. Which is to ask you to knock a cook, get his outfit, act as cook and poison the food for the target. But what I did is entering the cook’s house and steal his key card and use his key card to avoid the body search but still wearing my psychologist outfit. I combine these two hints and finish the mission easily. I found this very interesting. The whole point of this game is to save what you can save and deal the minimum damage. I used to think perfect stealth in stealth game is hard. But in this game, it could be easily done if you use your resource wisely. And nobody will hurt, even the knock out.
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    [November 8, 2018 04:04:51 AM]
    This is the first time I play the hitman seral series. The first image the game gives me is the sense. The stage is huge and the designer design the stage well. You can know what the designer wants you to do by looking at the arrangement of the guards, item, traps. It reminds me the Metal Gear5 and legend of Zelda. You can use the environment and items different to accomplish your mission. The level is designed to play again and again. Thus, there are a lot of ways to finish the stage.
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    Oliverqinhao's Hitman (Complete First Season) (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 5 November, 2018

    Oliverqinhao's opinion and rating for this game

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