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    Neuschwanderer's Nier Automata (PS)

    [November 15, 2018 04:11:09 PM]
    Third play session of the game was basically just running around the starting zone after getting down to the planetís surface. I spent probably 2 hours just looking at every possible corner for loot and another 20 minutes at least fishing once I found out that it was something that I could do. It was interesting to see enemy robots that would just stair into space as the game said that were passive and other bigger robots that were hostile on sight. Iím wondering if thereís more to be said about smaller robots losing their aggressiveness compared to the larger more intelligent robots. It was fun to finally get another weapon and exploring the dessert zone was very entertaining once I found out that there were seemingly secret areas like the cave system below the desert floor. I couldíve probably just kept looking around the buildings in the city or the desert area and never gotten anything done and still have been entertained, but I finished up the quest lines and two first sub quests. The leader of the resistance seemed to know the character of 2B or the 2 model of android for reasons that were kept secret from us. I feel now that this game is going to require many a playthrough to get all the different story elements of this seemingly very deep and complex narrative. So long as the combat remains as entertaining as itís been, I look forward to playing more. However, I get the feeling that the game will get to the point where combat is seen as something that you might not want to do as a player for one emotional reason or another.
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    [November 15, 2018 04:10:54 PM]
    Second time playing the game after you die from killing the goliath unit, I finally got to save so I took a break. When I got back, I was highly impressed on how they handled the game menu and made it part of the in-game universe. Your immersion is rarely broken which is quite impressive. What really made me impressed and further solidified my idea of what this game will be like is when they have you go through your settings. The best part being when you are asked to set the self-destruct options for yourself. If you choose to keep them off 9S will actually comment on the choice and promise to keep it as a secret from command. I was floored by this feature in the game and chose then and there to see just what was possible in this game and decided to keep the self-destruct access turned off. Iím actually hoping that it will become a pivotal factor later in the game and affects me in some creative way. After which I went to talk with the commander who gave us a mission to meet up with the resistance forces on the ground. As I headed over to the hanger to get the flight gear, I found myself talking to many of the NPCís in the space station to hear what they had to say. I found it interesting to hear how one of the combat units wished they had been assigned as an observer while another observer wished that she could go to the ground to see all the data she read about in person. But what really got my attention was how in the space station everything was without color for the most part unlike how things were down on the planet. I wasnít sure if this was just a creative call on the developerís part or something more deeply rooted in the games message and theme.
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    [November 15, 2018 04:10:33 PM]
    Nier Autanoma is a game where you play as 2B who is from my understanding a cyborg or android who follows missions set by the Operator. During my first play session I went through and played the mission where you have to beat the goliath. Ethically the first two things that really stuck with me was how calm she was in the beginning just loosing her entire team within the first 10 minutes of the game and is completely unphased. In addition to that the game doesnít include the option to save the game in a normal way. Although the latter isnít as easy to make the claim for the fact that the game tells you straight up as soon as you start that you canít save makes for an interesting dynamic. It made me on constant edge while playing the game to make sure that I do well because I couldnít save the game if I died. I thought of it as a somewhat grey ethical decision on the designerís part to give that stress to players straight out of the gate, but also very clever if they were planning on having you feel tense in a way that B2 clearly doesnít feel. Yet, after fighting the goliath unit 2B starts to show signs of emotions towards 9S which contradicts this earlier premises. In fact, she fully contradicts herself when she shows great deals of emotion when they sacrifice themselves to beat the other 3 goliath units. On top of that she shows reserved anger when finding out that 9S only had bandwidth to upload one of their memories and chose to upload her memories instead of his own. Not delving too deep into the moral dilemma of how easily they came to the decision of sacrificing themselves to defeat the enemy the game does an amazing job right off the bat of making sure that this game came across and a highly complex game.
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    Neuschwanderer's Nier Automata (PS)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 9 November, 2018

    Neuschwanderer's opinion and rating for this game

    I can tell this will need another play through

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstar

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