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    dkirschner's The Darkness II (PC)

    [December 17, 2018 12:19:15 PM]
    Really fun shooter with a cool story, well-voiced characters, and sometimes overly juvenile humor. Never overstayed its welcome, but much longer and its repetition would have become problematic. I was surprised at the comic book looking art style and how great it looks. The gore (and there's a lot of it) looks excellent as well.

    So The Darkness II's gimmick is that you not only have two human hands like every other FPS, but you have two additional demon appendages. Your hands hold one or two guns (left and right mouse buttons), and your two demon appendages are good murder weapons (Q to grab things, middle mouse and movement for slash combinations). Objects in the environment, like car doors or poles or injured enemies, will be highlighted in purple. You can grab and use these objects as shields, projectiles, explosives, and so on. The Darkness should stay in the darkness, obviously, and so light is something you have to deal with. Shoot out lights, and prioritize annoying enemies who run around with lanterns. All the firefights in the game are set in little hyperspeed playgrounds where you can deploy your abilities and use things in the environment to your advantage.

    For a game that looks unique based on screenshots, the move set and animations get repetitive before the game's short length is up. The demon arms are cool, but you're incentivized to use them to get points to upgrade skills even when you don't need to use them or when it is strategically inadvisable to do so. The only real frustration I encountered was enemies with shields, which you must damage, then grab with your demon arms. The window during which these can be grabbed is small, and for some reason inevitably occurred while reloading a gun. Then the enemy would charge and smash me. I died more to those enemies trying to pry their shields away than to anything else. And you will die from light sources some, but that didn't feel frustrating. It felt like part of the puzzle to be solved. Enter area, shoot out lights there, there, and there, a lantern enemy will come from over there halfway through, etc.

    The game sets itself up for a sequel, which I would certainly be interested in. Now, back to getting freaked out by Alien...
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    dkirschner's The Darkness II (PC)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 14 December, 2018

    GameLog closed on: Monday 17 December, 2018

    dkirschner's opinion and rating for this game

    Gory fun! Huge moveset already. ----------- Move set isn't really that large. Fast and fun game, neat story, though gets repetitive toward the end.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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