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    jp's Overcooked 2 (PS4)

    [December 25, 2018 07:13:46 PM]
    Played this with the kids - we've already cleared "world 1" and it's, so far, much easier than the first game. I think we're just better at it? Well, maybe not so, because we all admitted that we were playing quite poorly - little planning and assigned "roles" (e.g. I'll cut and wash dishes, someone else delivers,etc.). I guess the biggest surprise is the huge margins we were getting when clearing levels with three stars.

    So far, it seems like it's pretty much the same game - sure, there's sushi, but it's essentially the same as all the other recipes, really. Throwing is fun, but it sometimes gets in the way of things. There was one level in which throwing was mandatory, which was neat. I imagine that there are future levels in which throwing will be "required" just for the efficiency boost you can get (like dashing). We somehow unlocked a "secret" level, which was fun, so I'm guessing we'll run into more fun stuff along those lines?
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    jp's Overcooked 2 (PS4)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 25 December, 2018

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