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    dkirschner's Sin & Punishment: Star Successor (Wii)

    [April 14, 2019 04:30:01 PM]
    Thoroughly enjoyed this rail shooter, which is the last rail shooter I've played since Dead Space: Extraction, which was awful. The story was totally unimportant, something about helping an android escape a planet, but the Bad Guys won't let her. The gameplay though, boy howdy that was fun!

    Hold A for a huge special shot, hold B for steady machine gun fire, and tap B to swing your sword. Combat generally involves holding B, holding and releasing A whenever that special move is charged, and tapping B if something gets too close to you. You can also lock on by tapping A over a target, but that makes your machine gun do way less damage. You can also jump if you're on the ground and dodge in the air if you're flying, which you'll do a lot.

    My favorite thing about the game are all the boss battles. There are boss battles after boss battles after boss battles, and many are quite creative. One is a sword duel, which stood out as the first one I got stuck on. It was, probably coincidentally, the first time I played the game since I had started it weeks earlier over Spring Break. In that battle, you have to time melee attacks to repel the boss, which sometimes stuns her, and then you can melee more or do a charge shot. Another cool one was the desert boss that chases you on a train. You see the boss in a rearview mirror and try to detach train cars to crash into it. Meanwhile, it's lobbing fireballs at you from behind and there are a bunch of machine gun dudes and dogs dropping bombs. A third that really stood out was (maybe just after that) a little creature that grabs the android with a claw and tries to lower the claw into lava. To prevent this, you have to attack gears to spin them up and raise platforms, and melee missiles into the creature to get him to stop lowering the android. Cool stuff!

    I stopped on the last boss because it was clear it would take me forever to beat him. There were missiles and orbs and beam rays and all sorts of shit flying around everywhere. I never even came close to killing him, maaaaybe 1/2 life. And when I went to watch on YouTube, I saw there was a second part to him! But the game is generous with checkpoints, even between boss phases.

    So, all in all, cool game, a lot of fun to play, but it's not an easy one, and if you're getting frustrated with difficulty, the story isn't going to save it for you. Stay for more boss fights.
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    dkirschner's Sin & Punishment: Star Successor (Wii)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 10 March, 2019

    GameLog closed on: Sunday 14 April, 2019

    dkirschner's opinion and rating for this game

    A rail shooter! Hopefully better than the last one I played (Dead Space: Extraction). -------------- Great game. Come for the rail shooting, stay for the boss fights.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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