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    jp's Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light (DS)

    [May 28, 2019 01:21:18 PM]
    I've played a bit more, and the game switched over to the characters that had bailed on me originally. Oh, and I now understand how to upgrade the hats and how they work. You have to slot ALL the gems into a hat to upgrade it - you can't just put a few gems in at a time.

    It seems like hats are basically classes - wear a hat and you get some stat buffs/debuffs and pick up a new skill/ability as well. The "new" characters are now a white and black mage respectively.

    I spent some time wandering around - you start in a little village where, it seems, most of the characters are the game's developers! It's very 4th wall breaking and all that, which was fun. And they even poke fun at themselves - sort of like, "we hope you enjoy the game, but I should get outside more often". Anyways, it was a nice touch.

    I've decided to shelve the game though because I made my way into the pirate's lair to fight the pirate boss (who isn't what he seems!). He has a "hit all enemies" attack that one-shots one of my party members which is really frustrating because it's too easy to wipe. So, I looked around and I'm currently under-level (by 3 levels) and I really don't want to grind my way up until the boss doesn't one-shot me. I've been enjoying the game, but it's starting to feel "too simple" in a way? This would be fine if I didn't have to, I'm out!
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    [May 16, 2019 06:19:02 PM]
    So I had to go to a tower to fight a sand monster. People were hinting that I needed a water spell to before I could do damage. However, I couldn't buy one in the shop so I thought I might have to find it out in the desert or something. I ended up in a tower fighting the sand monster by mistake and it clearly wasn't effective.

    So I died and started back up at the desert village.

    It was night time and I was able to sneak into some caves under the leader's palace - oh, and that's where the water spell was!

    So, I head back to the tower. When the fight starts you get a message that says "hey, don't forget to prepare your water spell" (or something like that). You can't actually prepare it, and I had forgotten to prepare it.

    So I had to die again. Sigh. Third time was the charm.

    Oh, and now I've switched over to the other two characters!
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    [May 10, 2019 07:15:34 PM]
    I assumed I'd stick with this for not a lot...but, I'm kind of enjoying it - especially because I've been pleasantly surprised and confused!

    a. You being as a level 1 character, the king asks you to go rescue your daughter and halfway into a dungeon another character shows up and says you're too weak and joins you. He was not wrong! I had a really hard time "getting started" mostly because all the characters kept on dying! This was not a walk-in-the-park dungeon for a weak character (with no items, etc.)

    b. Apparently you can craft hats that give you powers by slotting gems in them? I have a hat, but haven't been able to slot stuff in permanently because.. UI? I don't get it?

    c. Over the course of the first quest I gathered two more teammates (to get to the titular 4). However, as soon as that was done, two of them bailed! What? I thought these were the "four heroes of light"! Maybe not... I've since been wandering in the desert with two characters...but I just met a third!

    d. The game simplifies a lot of RPG stuff in interesting ways - there are no classes (as far as I can tell), and you have little control over what you attack and such. However, there's more flexibility - you can easily cast spells (don't have to worry about mana and such) via "initiative points" (don't recall their actual name).

    Anyways, I'm really enjoying it so far...
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    jp's Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light (DS)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Got frustrated

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 7 May, 2019

    GameLog closed on: Tuesday 28 May, 2019

    jp's opinion and rating for this game

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