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    Chuanqi Liu's The Red Strings Club (PC)

    [October 11, 2019 11:16:32 PM]
    It may be one of the few videogames that actually includes the -punk in cyberpunk, and just for that, it deserves praise. Its pixel art and melancholic, jazzy soundtrack fit the atmosphere like a glove, and the overall experience is enhanced by a fulfilling main story and a considerable amount of branching dialogue that covers existential issues about what makes humans human - and how far we can go without renouncing to our essence - while synchronously exploring contemporary socio-economic topics. However, choices have an inconspicuous impact on the ending, and seem to exist only to steer conversations from one subject to another. All in all, The Red Strings Club is the most atmospheric and thought-provoking cyberpunk game that I've played so far.
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    [October 10, 2019 05:42:37 PM]
    I played The Red Strings Club for 1 hour today. The gameplay is fairly simple, usually consisting of a short bartending mini game where you choose which emotion you want to evoke in the patrons to club. Despite how little actual interaction you get, I found the puzzles engaging, as you have to pay attention to what kind of person you're talking to, and what emotions would be best for extracting the information you need. The mechanics of The Red Strings Club reminded me of Neo Cab, a game that also set in a cyberpunk world where you play as a cab driver chatting with your passengers during the ride. The quality of your talk doesnít only determine whether you get a tip or not, itís also crucial for your driver rating. Your goal is to maintain a rating of four stars or higher or you risk a deactivation warning. Certainly there are some similarity of game design between The Red Strings Club and Neo Cab. Their game mechanics are simple yet fun.
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    Chuanqi Liu's The Red Strings Club (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 10 October, 2019

    Chuanqi Liu's opinion and rating for this game

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